About Boca Terry

Family Owned & Operated

Boca Terry is a family owned and operated business dedicated to providing its customers with top quality bath robe and spa products as well as creating custom products that just make you feel good. Whether it is enhancing your rejuvenating vacation experience at a luxury resort or developing an entire line of custom made bathrobes and embroidered slippers for a retail store - we are dedicated to making the best possible products.


Our Mission is to Deliver Expert Care and Craftsmanship during

the Making of Luxurious Products

At the heart of our meticulous manufacturing process is a guarantee that each and every product we create exceeds our most stringent standards.

The process begins with a hand-drawn sketch — the blueprint of an idea at its inception. As part of our thorough design and development phase, we consider each product’s shape, form, texture and color. We approach our products with artistry and imbue them with character. Even at this preliminary stage, we bring them to life.

At the same time, our team conducts meticulous fabric research, sourcing unique textiles from all over the globe to ensure that our products are not only superior in quality but also competitively priced.

At the end of our scrupulous manufacturing process, we oversee the shipment of our products worldwide. Our four distribution centers—strategically located in Florida, California, Vancouver and Shanghai— guarantee the swift and secure delivery of our bathrobes, towels, and spa accessories to your hotel, your hospital, your wellness facility, or wherever you may be.

Throughout it all, we make ourselves available to you to answer questions, address concerns, and fulfill any and all requests. Putting your needs and satisfaction first remains the cornerstone of our business.

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