10 Reasons Not to Have Natural Hair

10 Reasons Not to Have Natural Hair

Published on Jan 6th 2011

via College Curlies

Nicole of The London Curly wrote this post on her blog for anyone thinking about transitioning: 10 Reasons not to have natural hair…and reasons why you should.

1) Too much time.
It’s not as much time as you think. It might take a while to get used to your curls if you’re transitioning or even if you’re just toying with the idea of stopping your relaxers. Once you get used to what your hair likes, dislikes, what styles suit your curl pattern and how to generally treat it differently from straight hair it becomes effortless. Of course at times it can be frustrating; but at least if it rains, you are not running for shelter like you owe money. My getting ready times are cut in half compared to my housemates now! It used to take me about an hour to get used to setting my hair, now it takes around 15 minutes. You get as much time out as you invest in, it’s worth it.

2) My hair is unmanageable.
No hair is unmanageable. Whether you have kinks, coils or curls. Don’t let anyone tell you this and don’t reinforce your negative thoughts. Again, it’s about research and knowing what is right for you. A diffuser might work for someone, but it didn’t work for me. Two strand twists might work for me, but not for others. It’s all a trial and error.

3) Every product for natural hair seems so expensive/only made in the US.
This is so frustrating!! I truly feel the pain of this one, and pisses me off quite a lot. (Britain – Y U No have simple Kinky/Curly products for a non extortionate price?) Luckily I did eventually find a site that sells Miss Jessie, Kinky-Curly and other products we all hear about from US users. Just remember; the conditioners and ‘curl creams’ and hairsprays in your local supermarket contain a lot of things your hair doesn ‘t need. Hair care shouldn’t be tossed in your shopping basket on a BOGO offer – invest the time and sometimes the money in the right products.

4) How am I supposed to transition from relaxed to curly?
This one is a long one. Do your research. Feel your kinky hair underneath the relaxer so you at least recognise the texture. Do curly sets to match the texture until you’re ready to Big Chop off your ends or just shave bald and rock a teen weeny afro. Keep the demarcation line (the line between the two textures of hair) moisturised at all times with deep conditioning.

5) I wouldn’t know how to start.
Start at the beginning. It is not as hard as it sounds. As a student it was pretty difficult to imagine having the time to wash my hair, keep it moisturized and looking good, doing sets. However it really does cut down half the time I used to spent on blow-drying, straightening…whereas 3 day old flat ironed hair can look greasy and just feel unclean, I find my twists look so much better, enabling me to keep the style for longer and manipulate my hair less.

6) What would my friends/family say?
Honestly, who cares. Your family might be surprised, supportive, shocked – it’s just hair, and it’s your hair. You never know, you might influence other members! Regarding friends, it’s the same response. Chances are they’ll support you and love your new do!

7) I can’t go to work like this.
You can. It’s hair. Tie it up carefully so it doesn’t stress the hairline/same part of your scalp. Hairbands, plaits, loose updos…the options are endless.

8) I just don’t suit it.
Don’t be silly. If you were supposed to have anything but kinks curls and coils…you would have it. It’s all about getting that confidence to be yourself, I have to say, after going back to being natural it was like I’d finally found my identity. People would remember who I was because I felt more unique, I felt more like me, therefore acted more confident. You just exude positivity without saying anything.

9) It’s only in fashion at the moment.
Everything to me is in fashion it seems, all the time, every season. It’s hair, you rock it how you want to rock it and forget the rest.

10) It’s ugly.
Natural = beautiful. Simple.Stay fabulous!

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