2014’s Global Spa and Wellness Trends

2014’s Global Spa and Wellness Trends

Published on Jan 27th 2014

2014’s Global Spa and Wellness TrendsSince we’re heavily focused on working with the spa and wellness industry, it’s imperative to examine what resources are available to assist spas in their endeavors. To get everyone up to speed, Spafinder Wellness 365, otherwise known as the world’s leading resource for the spa and wellness industry, released its 11th annual trends report around the world in mid-January. Here’s the scoop!

Healthier Hotels

In 2013, hotels began to alter their brands by focusing on health and wellness initiatives, with the goal of helping travelers stay well while away from home. Rather than mentioning it as a marketing approach, 2014 will mark the year where we see more hotels incorporate such services into their programs.

Digital Wellness

Fitness applications are popping up like crazy to help you improve your well being through exercise and diet. Spafinder Wellness 365 recommends using applications like Protegeo’s Move and Strava Run.

Revisiting an Ancient Spa Tradition

Some of us may forget that hot springs are not only a part of our natural environment, but make for a very therapeutic spa experience that is affordable, social and beneficial! Although you may have to travel to find hot springs, governments and developers around the world are funding a plethora of hot springs projects to meet the increased demand.

The Feeling of Floating

Geared towards improving our psychological well being, “floating” is a new trend that helps people disconnect from their stressful, hectic lives. In order to produce such a feeling, spas are now offering floatation tanks, chambers and pools. Conversely, fitness has also picked up on this trend through aerial, anti-gravity classes, yoga and newly developed anti-gravity treadmills. Get off the ground and float!

Fitness Junkies

The wellness industry is experiencing a massive fitness movement of exercise junkies who promote the benefits of high-intensity interval training with shorter timeframes. A perfect example includes the craze of spin classes and dance workouts. The fact that exercise studios are opened for this sole purpose is a good indicator that this fitness trend is here to stay.

Au Naturale

Thanks to social media, there is a prediction that faux beauty will have to give up its reign. Spas are now placing an emphasis on organic products, science and technology that is meant to produce high-tech, low-risk beauty.

Aromatherapy for Physical and Mental Health

In order to enhance physical and mental well being derived from aromatherapy techniques, spas are making a fortified effort to work with botanists and digital technology to increase the results associated with their use.

Wellness Getaways

Who wouldn’t want to take a vacation that is focused on improving wellness? Spas are now focusing their efforts on providing high-quality wellness retreats that are designed to encourage life transformation. In addition, spas are focused on increasing their accessibility to urban communities by car and train.

Addressing Life’s Big Changes

In conjunction with our aging population, baby boomers are the demographic that most takes advantage of all that spas have to offer. With the intent to better serve its clientele, spas are now incorporating treatments that assist clients with handling life changes that come along with aging. There are also treatments available to help people cope with other major challenges such as divorce, illness, job loss and more.

The Top Spa and Wellness Destinations

Aside from conventional spa destinations like Italy, Thailand, and Turks and Caicos, countries like Bhutan, Ghana and Nicaragua are becoming increasingly popular.

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