6 Luxurious Gifts to Fill the 2017 Emmy Awards Swag Bag

6 Luxurious Gifts to Fill the 2017 Emmy Awards Swag Bag

Published on Sep 22nd 2017

Each year, award show winners, nominees and presenters take home curated gift bags filled with lavish merchandise. What will TV’s biggest stars find in the 2017 Emmy Awards swag bag?

Every September, we get a glimpse into the Emmy Awards swag bag. The 2014 bags reportedly contained gifts valued at over $50,000; this included a trip to Aspen and a gym membership. In 2015, Backstage Creations—the company that assembles the bags—upped their game with three luxury hotel stays.

So, how can Backstage Creations raise the bar this year?

First of all, every Emmys gift bag in recent years has included a vacation at The Mulia, a five-star resort in Bali. Unless Backstage Creations chooses to break from tradition, The Mulia will probably make an appearance in the 2017 Emmy Awards swag bag.

We all know how much indulging happens at these award shows. Therefore, we imagine the swag bag will include some Blowfish to cure those unavoidable hangovers.

What will the celebrities be wearing the morning after? They’ll probably slip into their new Boca Terry Velour Stripe Shawl Collar bathrobes—accompanied by a pair of luxury Open Toe Velcro slippers.

If the Emmy Awards attendees get a kick out of new tech gadgets, then they’ll love the Phoozy, “the world’s first thermal capsule for your smartphone.”

Since we posted about The Ritz-Carlton’s new bespoke yacht cruises last month, we assume Backstage Creations will want to include some luxury yacht reservations in the 2017 Emmy Awards swag bag.

If there’s one extravagant gift that can top all others, it is an opportunity to skydive over Mount Everest. How extravagant is it? The experience starts at $25,000 per person.

In truth, we won’t find out what’s in those swanky 2017 Emmy Award swag bags until the days after the ceremony. So, until then, we’re going to slip into our own velour bathrobes and dream about Everest.

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