Sailing into the New Year: 2018 Cruise Trends

Sailing into the New Year: 2018 Cruise Trends

Published on Jan 12th 2018

Sustainable sailing, on-the-water wellness programs, and wearable devices. These are just a handful of the 2018 cruise trends we can expect to see on board this year.

Travel is constantly evolving. After all, the public’s interests change from year to year. As such, the hospitality industry is evolving as well, knowing that it must stay current to survive. Therefore, the 2018 cruise trends predict changes in response to sustainability, wellness, and fashionable technology.

Sustainable Sailing

Royal Caribbean has already made progress toward becoming more environmentally responsible. This includes reducing emissions, managing waste, and building new, energy efficient ships. In 2018, the you can expect to see consumers holding cruise lines accountable for their efforts.

Endangered Destinations

While we’re on the topic of sustainability… ecotourism will play a pivotal role in cruise lines’ destination offerings in 2018. Concerned about global warming, the general public will have a renewed interest in seeing the endangered regions of our world. So, keep an eye out for increased demand for cruises to the Amazon Rainforest and the Arctic.

Diving into Wellness

Although cruises are intended for relaxation, consumers’ increasing interest in wellness continues to swell. More cruise passengers will be skipping the buffet in 2018. Rather, they’ll be spending their time on the yoga mat, at the gym, and in the spa, enveloped in luxurious cruise bathrobes.

Wearables on the Water

While wearables are not a new feature—Disney rolled out their “Magic Wristbands” in 2015—more cruise lines will be offering “Medallions” to anticipate passengers’ needs and give them a more fulfilling and luxurious experience.


In addition to these 2018 cruise trends, we’ll also witness cruise lines finding new and improved ways to serve and surprise their guests. So, for passengers who are looking for added comfort, simply tell your “Medallion” that you’d like a pair of closed-toe cruise slippers. I’m sure it’ll point you in the right direction.



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