3 Small Gestures that Greatly Improve Your Guests’ Experience

3 Small Gestures that Greatly Improve Your Guests’ Experience

Published on Aug 17th 2016

3 Small Gestures that Greatly Improve Your Guests’ Experience on

It’s the little things that make a big difference

The hospitality business is pretty competitive, these days — so you need to go the extra mile to make sure guests know how special you think they are. After all, your hotel wouldn’t be nearly as successful without your regular visitors and the advocates who keep your company going strong. Anything you can do to show them they’re valued will improve relations, and the potential for both positive reviews and return visits.

Here are a few small gestures we think could go a long way in improving the guest experience at your hotel, B&B, or cruise ship:

1. Efficient turn-down service, times two

When your guests are staying for multiple nights, offering good turn-down service is a necessity to stay competitive. Once they leave the room for the day to enjoy the beach, the activities, and more, of course your crew is headed into their room to tidy everything up. That’s a given.

But you can go a step further. In the late afternoon, when they go out to enjoy their dinner, your team returns to complete the service: setting up the bed for sleep by fluffing the pillows and folding back the top of the covers (maybe even adding a few rose petals for couples on special anniversary trips or honeymoons), restocking anything needed, tidying up once more, and leaving an early evening snack or treat.

2. Wholesome menu ingredients

More of today’s consumers are in-the-know about the importance of using fresh, wholesome food ingredients. And since their lifestyles match this trend, it’s important to keep up with it in the hospitality business.

Try sourcing your breakfast and restaurant’s stock from local farms, or look for organic options. Even if you don’t change the entire menu, making a few of these selections available for those who deeply care about it will really appeal to your visitors.

3. Make sure they’re cozy with plush bath accessories

From top-of-the-line towels to beautiful bathrobes, you’ve got to make sure your guests are pampered. Providing them with outstanding amenities and bath accessories is a great way to make sure they feel more at home – or even better – than ever before. Go beyond freshly-cleaned, fluffy bathrobes and towels by providing your visitors with a soft pair of slippers to bring home with them after their stay. It’s an affordable token of your appreciation that’s also a luxurious souvenir.

Create a memorable experience

No matter how you choose to pamper your guests, we’ve got you covered with tips and tricks to make their visit count. Check out our affordable luxury bathrobes and spa accessories and contact us for wholesale pricing. These special, small gestures have just the right touch to keep them returning again and again.

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