4 Signs Your Hotel is Outdated (And How to Spice it Up!)

4 Signs Your Hotel is Outdated (And How to Spice it Up!)

Published on Jul 2nd 2015

Hotels, motels, cruises, and resorts can really suffer the consequences if they fail to remain up with the times. Most travelers are not going to be comfortable spending the evening in a dingy, outdated building that’s begging for repairs—so it’s critical to make sure yours is up to par.

We understand that it might be hard to admit, but sometimes your hotel needs a little bit of upgrading to deliver the promise of comfort your customers deserve.

Quality, safety, and cleanliness are imperative to a hotel’s success. Without these three elements, your hotel might not survive for long—and even if it does, it is probably not turning the profit that you deserve and that its potential allows.

But, how do you know if your hotel is in need of an update or renovations? The following are undeniable signs that your hotel is outdated in practices and standards, as well as physically. But don’t worry—we’ve also included some ways to significantly improve!

  1. You Rely on Outdated Marketing Practices

Advertising and marketing can make waves for your business. However, if you are still promoting your hotel with older practices and techniques, your ability to do so properly is suffering. What do we mean by that? Well, here are some examples of outdated marketing strategies:

If you are still relying on items such as flyers and newspaper ads, or even word of mouth, your hotel is not reaching its highest potential.

Here are some ideas to bring your marketing to 2015:

  • Ask your satisfied customers to leave positive reviews online. Internet ratings are critical to the success of many businesses today, especially for those in the hospitality and restaurant business. Typically, your potential guests are more likely to trust the words of strangers than self-promotion.
  • Be actively present on social media. Remember that your potential guests will hold the opinions of past guests in high regard. Reviews and ratings online have a high impact on a customer’s impression of your business—and good customer service (both in person and online) can improve those ratings!Guests are still more likely to book through you if they see that you have an active social media presence. It shows them that you are a trustworthy brand that is interested in serving customers across all avenues.
  • Need some ideas? Show your potential guests what fun activities and events are going on. Post photos of your rooms—especially if you have made any upgrades or renovations!
  • Seeing photos will help past guests can remember what a great stay they had while future guests can see how others enjoyed their experience so greatly. This is an excellent way to entice guests to stay with you—especially if they are still on the fence.
  • Be sure that your website is up to date, while you are at it! An outdated website can leave a sour taste in your guests’ mouth—especially if they don’t take into account user experience.


  1. Your Hotel Needs a Makeover

It’s not fair to your guests if you decide to ignore necessary repairs and upgrades that need to be made in your hotel.

If you are still sporting older shower curtains, striped wallpaper, and mid-century table lamps, your uninspired decorations can deter guests from returning or recommending your establishment to others. It’s no surprise that décor can make a large impact on a guest’s impression of your hotel. Make sure your hotel rooms, halls, and lobby are up to date!

  1. Guests are Writing Poor or Negative Reviews

If there are poor reviews regarding the look and feel of your hotel, it is critical that you listen to their needs and make adjustments based on their suggestions.

Again, we cannot stress enough how incredibly important it is for your internet reviews to be impeccable. Don’t just put your best foot forward. Promote rating sites to your guests. If they enjoyed their experience, ask them to review you on Yelp or TripAdvisor.

By asking guests to review online, it offers an even playing field where guests can give their honest opinion—without shying away from how they truly felt. That is why guests trust these avenues so much.

Accordingly, it is crucial for you to offer services and experiences that warrant positive reviews, since a bad review can make potential guests reconsider. As long as all of your cards are in the right place—and you’ve taken care of any issues mentioned by guests—then you should be just fine!

  1. Your Amenities and Accessories are Outdated

It is important to have the best of the best—this can be a large factor in your reviews and guest experience, overall. Show your customers that you have the top of the line items for them to enjoy throughout their stay.

Your guests don’t want to suit up in the bargain brands. Offer them top-notch amenities such as plush, beautiful bathrobes and fluffy, high quality towels. Here are a few of our favorite selections:

  • Microfiber Bathrobe. Available in 12 colors—from the simple eggshell to the subtle sage—this bathrobe is one of the best ways to bring your hotel from drab to fab!
  • Knit Waffle Robe. If you’re looking for something lighter, this bathrobe is an outstanding choice. The perfect sign of comfort and relaxation, the Knit Waffle is great for humid climates and summer months!
  • Resort Collection Towels. Your guests won’t know what hit them—or your hotel—when you bring out these luxury quality towels. Made with the finest materials and decorated with a subtle yet beautiful pattern, these towels will bring your hotel up a notch or two.


And the best news is that these luxury items are made with affordability in mind—so you don’t have to break the bank to give your guests the absolute best.

Ready to order these items and more? Contact Boca Terry today for a quote or to place an order. We would love to hear from you!




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