4 Ways Robes Beat PJs Every Time

4 Ways Robes Beat PJs Every Time

Published on Sep 7th 2016

4 Ways Robes Beat PJs Every Time on

Pajamas may be comfortable, but they have their limitations

We have to admit that we love a good set of PJs. Who doesn’t? But if we’re still being honest, we also happen to think pajamas get a little more credit than they deserve. Sure, they’re comfy and cute, but how can you praise the practical PJ over a beautiful, more-functional bathrobe? We may be a little biased, but here are the ways we think robes top humble PJs when it comes to a go-to household garment:


1. You can wear them in somewhat public places. And without feeling sloppy! In fact, there are a lot of places where a bathrobe isn’t just considered perfectly acceptable — it’s actually glamorous attire in some settings. Wrap yourself in a regal robe before heading to the spa, a sauna, the local pool lounge, or even on certain parts of your next cruise. Trust us, you’ll fare much better than in pajamas, and you’ll be just as cozy without any embarrassment.

2. You can answer the door. Ever have that moment of panic when you’re lounging the day away on a Sunday afternoon and suddenly hear a knock at the door? I mean, who wears guest attire during a lazy weekend? But never fear — whether you’re wearing it while hanging out or just tossing it on once you’ve been summoned — a great big bathrobe is the perfect garment to answer the door, appropriately. No need to greet unexpected guests in those holey pajamas you’ve been squeezing into since late high school, or worse, that pair of boxers you can’t resist lounging in. And if you’ve got kids, trust us: they’ll be thanking you for the cover up.

3. You’ll never question the quality. Splurge once on an affordable, luxury bathrobe and you’ll never go back to those plaid flannels from the clearance bin at the store. Made from soft, plush, combed cotton or other quality materials, the right bathrobe is a great treat after a long, stressful day at work — and perfect for the weekend.

4. You can customize them. You’d be hard-pressed to find PJs you can add a monogram, logo, or anything else to. But whether you’re going wholesale or retail, the right bathrobe company will allow you to personalize your treasure to create something that is uniquely yours.

Don’t just sit there — grab a few beautiful bathrobes today! Contact us with any questions, for wholesale pricing, or to place your order.

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