5 Boca Terry ‘Forget-me-nots’ For Valentines Day

5 Boca Terry ‘Forget-me-nots’ For Valentines Day

Published on Feb 1st 2014

5 Boca Terry 'Forget-me-nots' For Valentines DayJanuary has come to a close, and dreams of warmer climates are sweeping the nation. The polar vortex isn’t the only thing beginning to thaw; with a certain special holiday just around the corner, men and women alike are feeling their romantic inclinations begin to heat up. Passionate intimacy hasn’t reached this high of a peak since the crystal ball dropped to kick off 2014.

Yes, it’s that time of year: Valentine’s Day. The demand for cards, flowers, and chocolate is never higher than it is in early February; every husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, mistress, or admirer will seek to prove to their paramour the depth of their desire. Restaurants will be booked, presents will be wrapped, and proposals will be made, all in the name of love.

Same Old Tricks

At the end of the day, however, Valentine’s Day usually results in a cookie cutter formula. Unique or special surprises are incredibly rare, as couples go through the motions year after year with the same gifts, the same celebrations, the same “romantic” evening. Whatever happened to the expression “Variety is the spice of life”? Too often, modern romance gets caught up in pop culture and stereotypical expectations, without actually being spontaneous or exciting. In order to prevent Valentine’s Day from being an excuse to waste monumental amounts of money on overpriced pleasantries, the smart romantic must seek to explore options that are thoughtful, yet useful. Flowers last at most a week, and serve no practical purpose; candy will disappear faster than it took to purchase it, and will leave a lovely imprint on the chubbier parts of the body; teddy bears… shouldn’t your lover be cuddling you instead?

Wrap Them Up

In the search for alternative presents for Valentine’s Day, perhaps a good place to start looking is the clothing department. Not just any clothing will do, however; it needs to be romantic. Although the mind immediately jumps to lingerie or silk boxers, there are several pitfalls for this route. Sexy underwear is usually more for the eyes than it is for the wear, and with something so specific, it can be hard to get something that fits perfectly.Why not leave a little more to the imagination? Something like a bathrobe is not only comfortable, warm, and useful, but it can also be sexy and seductive. Bathrobes can also illicit thoughts of visits to the spa, vacations on the beach, or steamy nights in a Jacuzzi… all appealing activities for a romantic getaway. Bathrobes can be used in hot weather, cold weather, or anything in between, making it the most utilitarian of the sensual clothing.

Body Heat is Warm… Bathrobes Help

If you can imagine something more romantic than cuddling up by the fire with your loved one while wrapped in a bathrobe, we’d like to know what it is. Bathrobes can make everything more comfortable, and just because the polar vortex is over doesn’t mean there isn’t still cold weather on the way. It’s time to invest in a present that encourages intimacy. Here are some of Boca Terry’s top options for turning up the heat:

•    Basic Kimono

Did you know that Kimono is Japanese for “love”? Okay, no, that’s totally false, but they could probably be synonyms, because wearing one of these is sure to get the fire started. Featuring 100% combed cotton, this delicate piece will have you warmer than a furry little puppy, and will no doubt have you looking as adorable.

•    Hooded Bathrobe

Want to add a little bit of mystery to your bedroom affairs? The hooded bathrobe could be just the answer to your search. This little number is flirty and functional, all in one. Whether you want to keep your head warm when you venture outside, or add a little extra neck padding for your couch cuddling, this bathrobe could be the right one for you.

•    Satin Stripe Bathrobe

Oh, you fancy, huh? Well, look no further than our Satin stripe bathrobe, adding warmth, flair, AND class to your romantic rendezvous. With polyester on the outside, but a warm cotton lining, there will be no doubt about your comfort in this bathrobe, or the comfort of your partner. It is also available with a shawl collar and roll up sleeves, allowing you to customize just how hot you want things to get.

•    Organic Lightweight Waffles

No, you didn’t read that wrong, and no, this isn’t a menu at the local pancake house. If you’ve decided to head somewhere warm for your romantic getaway, but you’re concerned about where your cotton comes from, our organically grown cotton fabric will solve those issues in a heartbeat. These lightweight robes can be easily packed, easily worn, and easily taken off. Happy Valentine’s Day indeed.

•    Waffle Blanket

Things are winding down after your dinner, and you want to cozy up on the couch, but no couch is complete without a blanket to snuggle under. Our top notch waffle blanket is the perfect cover up for you and your lover; cozy up under this material for too long, and you might not even need the blanket anymore. Besides, if you get it as a present, what better way to break it in?

Beautiful Boca Bathrobes

If you’re sold on the idea of spicing things up in a big way, Boca Terry is ready and willing to assist in the fulfillment of your Valentine’s Day. Stop being a sheep, break from the herd, and don’t forget to grab one of these top of the line bathrobes to make sure things stay hot and steamy from this February 14th to the next. Log onto to order yours today!

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