5 Must Do Halloween Activities

5 Must Do Halloween Activities

Published on Oct 1st 2015

pumpkins-469641_640Holidays always make for a great excuse to experiment with your creativity and go out of the norm when it comes to celebrating. Here are some Halloween traditions you shouldn’t leave out this October.

1. Carve a Pumpkin

Carved pumpkins not only make for a great family and friend bonding activity, they also serve as excellent décor pieces. To perfectly carve your orange veggie and light it up with candles for a spooky night, it’s critical to have the ability to work without any hindrances to your movement. Make a jack o’lantern while wearing an ultra soft and snug bathrobe. You can even make pumpkin soup while you’re at it.

2. Create Your Halloween Costume

Whether you’re going to a house party or you’re off to collect some candy from the neighbors, DIY Halloween costumes are easy and practical ways to subdue any last- minute rushing. Tie a bed sheet and wrap it around you while draping it over one shoulder to be a Greek god/goddess.

If you want to be a mummy, dress in regular clothing and get your friend to wrap you in toilet paper from head to toe to cover every visible inch of clothes. Be creative with any garments or makeup you have at home. Mix and match to create a costume that looks like it came straight out of a costume store.

3. Host Your Own Halloween Party

Get everyone in on the Halloween festivities. Invite some friends over to your house for a themed party. If you’re stuck on which theme to go for, draw on inspiration from popular movies like Gatsby, or even a famous television series, such as the Flintstones.

Decorate in accordance to your theme. Using colors and decorative items that are consistent with your theme will set the right ambience. Just make sure to be careful where you place a witch broom or skeleton. You wouldn’t want anyone to undergo any injuries in the dark.

You should also include fun Halloween games to match your theme. You can come up with a prize for the best costume and hand it out at the end of the night as a nice surprise. Feel free to play some horror movies, too.

4. Visit a Haunted House

If a scary movie hasn’t placed you on the edge of your seat enough, get a real scare at a haunted house. You can visit one with friends or create one yourself at home, instead of throwing a party. The following are some things you can include in your haunted house:

> Talking skeletons and skulls
> A fake fenced cemetery in your backyard
> Werewolf head wall fixtures
> Spiderwebs made of yarn and candy spiders
> Crochet paper ghosts hanging from the ceiling
> Creepy candy fingers

Halloween just comes around once a year, so spook it out for all you can!

5. Spoil Yourself with Sugary Treats

And, of course, we saved the best and easiest part for last! Take a dip into the holiday’s best candy creations. From chocolate-filled toffee to freakishly shaped jelly beans, you have all weekend to indulge.

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