5 Must-Have Items for Every Golf Luxury Pro Shop

5 Must-Have Items for Every Golf Luxury Pro Shop

Published on Jun 9th 2017

There’s one thing that luxury golf pro shop around the world have in common: They all carry golf equipment. There is never a shortage of bags, balls, clubs and scorecards. However, if luxury golf pro shops want to increase their revenue and attract new customers—including visitors, tourists and local residents—then they may want to consider putting these items on the shelves. Discover the must-have items for every luxury golf pro shop.

  1. Personalizad Barware

Sure, it’s nice to stop at the taproom and have a refreshing pint or two after a full 18. It’s even better to grab a custom engraved pint glass, shot glass or coaster at the pro shop on the way home.


  1. Spa Essentials

True, you may not be lathering up with body butter between putts, but it doesn’t mean that the pro shop can’t offer a collection of spa essentials. You may consider some fragrant bath products, sugar scrubs and lotions as well as an assortment of spa robes for both men and women. Luxury wholesale bathrobes can be embroidered with the name and logo of the golf club, hotel or resort.


  1. Travel Accessories

Golf enthusiasts, seeking out the best golf courses in the world, have traveled far and wide to play on your turf. So why not stock up on customized luggage tags, tumblers, travel mugs, coolers, totes and messenger bags and send them home with some worthwhile souvenirs.


  1. High-Quality Towels

Lifetime golfers know a thing or two about perspiration. By the fifth hole, you’re bound to be sweaty. Best to offer your clientele some high-quality resort towels to take with them. Just like the robes, wholesale towels can be embroidered to remind customers of their favorite one-stop pro shop.


  1. UV Protection

It can be blistering out there. If you’re teeing off in the sun all day, you’re going to need some sun protection. Golfers and visitors alike won’t hesitate to pick up some sunscreen, lip balm and protective visors before hitting the links.

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