6 Places to Wear Your Bathrobe (Besides Your House!)

6 Places to Wear Your Bathrobe (Besides Your House!)

Published on Aug 20th 2015

6 Places to Wear Your Bathrobe (Besides Your House!)Summer is the ultimate season to indulge in a variety of fun. But, all these great events call for a fundamental accessory. Something that can make your days of “getting-your-relaxation-on” an absolute treat.

Wearing something soft and comfortable would probably land at the top of your list of a fitting companion for just about any occasion.

The luxurious bathrobe is just that type of accessory: versatile enough to make your stay-in days and nights a delight—and comfy enough to tag along with you when you’re not in couch potato mode.

That’s right! Bathrobes weren’t just created for home use. There’s a whole world of other venues out there waiting to get a dose of some unique bathrobe flair. Here are some occasions that make the case for flaunting your modish bathrobe outside of your humble (or not so humble) abode.

  1. Pool Party

What makes for the perfect poolside action under the gleaming sun? Your favorite music on full-blast, the delicious scent of barbequed steak and hot dogs¾ and an oh-so-snug bathrobe.

We’ve all had those moments when we spend a lot of time in the pool—and when we get out, we find the temperature of our bodies goes through a minor chill. So, you end up squandering around for the nearest towel to keep warm again.

This scenario is eased with the help of a bathrobe like Boca Terry’s Organic Terry Kimono. Made of 100% certified cotton with front pockets to store your belongings, it’s the perfect way to help regulate and maintain your body temperature again.

  1. Spa Day

Spas are the epitome of the most sought-after leisure dwellings around the world¾and with good reason. The sweet floral aroma of massage oils matched with a revitalizing mud bath, followed by a soothing lounge at the sauna certainly even the most eager person ready unwind. And with those amenities, the bathrobe is the indispensible thread that keeps a successful day of rest intact.

Whether you’re one who likes to personalize your belongings with a stitched monogram, or just prefer the simplicity of a clean, white slate, Boca Terry has the bathrobe that best fits your preferences.

  1. Cruise Getaway

Off to a retreat on a Caribbean cruise? Or, perhaps taking a longer vacation on the seas of Europe? You’ll most likely be spending a lot of time in the sun: whether out on the deck tanning or getting back on the ship after a dip in the ocean.

That calls for a bathrobe that’ll assist in getting dry again—so you can lounge around by the cruise line’s ice cream bar or in your room without dripping everywhere. You can even sit for a bite with the peace of mind knowing you won’t have to pull up your towel each time you want to lean over the table. Wake up to the soft embrace of Boca Terry’s Organic Classic Shawl Collar bathrobe, available in terry or velour.

  1. Pre-wedding Celebrations

Weddings are one of the most joyous events you can be a part of. If you’re related to or are a friend of the bride-to-be, the days and months of planning the dream wedding—paying the closest attention to detail—definitely call for taking some relaxation.

You may just be one of the designated planners of the bachelorette party. Holding it at a hotel? Well, you’ll certainly want some bathrobes for the ladies so you can have girl time without a care in the world. Additionally, bathrobes are ideal for the bridesmaids and bride to wear on the magical day, while getting hair and makeup ready.

If you prefer to stray away from the white wedding dress theme and dare to go over to the pink side (regarding your bathrobe, that is), or even personalize the bathrobes with the wearers’ names, Boca Terry can customize to your liking¾and to the bride’s choice, of course!

  1. Weekend by the Lake

Are you going on a romantic, lakeside escape with your significant other? Sit contentedly on the dock out back in soft velour as you watch the sunset. Boca Terry’s velour bathrobes allow for easy maneuverability and a secure wrap to sit on just about any surface with ease.

Bring your hot cocoa and watch the steady water lap against the shore. Match your beautiful robe with a pair of Boca Terry’s Closed-toe Slippers, to avoid getting a painful splinter while you walk around the wooden cabin and dock.

  1. Movie Night In

Every entertaining movie night isn’t just limited to ordering in the right pizza. You have to factor in having the most comfortable surroundings possible. That’s where bathrobes come in! You can upgrade an ordinary girls night in and take it to another level simply by having the proper girl-time accessory.

As you and your friends choose your favorite colors for the manicures and pedicures along with the right chick flicks, be sure to bring a bathrobe best suitable for the festivities. If girl time is being hosted at your friend’s place, chances are everyone will be joining you on replacing the pajamas with a chicer bathrobe. Who would say no to having some spa time outside of a wellness resort? Let the fun and games begin!

Boca Terry Brings the Comfort to You

Boca Terry’s diverse selection of bathrobes can fit any taste and occasion without the need for a middleman. Contact us today to inquire about our premium assortment of bathrobes, and get them delivered right to your door quickly, anywhere in the world!




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