6 Tips to Improve Customer Loyalty in Your Hotel

6 Tips to Improve Customer Loyalty in Your Hotel

Published on Apr 14th 2017

While every website, app and booking agent is working to find the cheapest rates for travelers, hotels must persevere by setting their sights on (and investing in) customer loyalty. It’s an unenviable challenge, but it’s one that brand name and boutique hotels alike must take on in order to make their hotel worth returning to—even when there’s a cheaper option down the block.

Human Interaction
Sure, booking is often easier through an automated system, but for those customers looking to make an initial inquiry or learn more about your property, nothing beats speaking to a real live person who can address your questions quickly and competently.

Keep in Touch
After that initial human contact, it’s important to keep up the communication. Whether you’re emailing confirmations or texting updates to their itinerary, your guests want to hear from you.

Hello & Goodbye
The only thing more impactful than the greeting upon arrival is the farewell upon departure. From delivering the final bill to arranging transportation to the airport, these final moments leave a lasting impression.

Train Your Staff
Your guests have frequent interactions with your front desk and concierge staff. These individuals need sufficient training to know how to address guest concerns and put out fires in a quick, efficient and stress-free manner.

The Real Deal
Be sure that your rewards program includes packages and opportunities that are exclusive to your most loyal customers. Four little words in the subject of the email make all the difference: “For returning customers only…”

Ask for Feedback
Scheduling a follow-up email questionnaire after your guest’s stay is easy as pie thanks to automation systems. Plus, it never hurts to ask, especially when the question is, “How can we make your next stay even better?”

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