7 Essentials for Your Cruise Line

7 Essentials for Your Cruise Line

Published on Aug 6th 2015

Now that cruising season is in full swing, cruise lines have a lot of details to take care of. Before you know it, it will be time to renovate or restock some of your most used areas and items. Wondering what your cruise line needs to help put it a step above the rest out there? The following are some essentials for your cruise line.

Of course, cruise lines can provide what is expected of them—the essentials. But, they might also benefit from offering what guests don’t expect to find. For example, guests might not expect to see a power strip in their cabin, but why not offer it? That way, they can plug in multiple items at once, ensuring they don’t stress over this small detail.

When cruises decide to increase their offerings, they are making the conscious decision to improve their guests’ experience, overall. That was just one easy idea. Here are some more essentials for your cruise line:

1. Hand Sanitizer or Sanitizing Wipes

Today’s cruise ships tend to host hand sanitizing stations on board—but not all do! While cruise owners are dedicated to hiring a talented and thorough cleaning crew, ships are still subject to acquiring and fostering bacteria and viruses more than other environments. It’s not just a stereotype: one sick person on a ship and, before you know it, the whole floor might not feel well!

Don’t allow your guests’ vacation to take a turn for the worse. By supplying hand sanitizer at multiple locations throughout the ship, vacationers will feel better—whether it’s physical or just a state of mind, you can offer them that peace.

2. Spa Wraps

If you offer guests massage and spa services or even have a soothing sauna, wrap your guests up in a soft spa wrap. Boca Terry offers spa wraps for both men and women. They are available in one-size-fits-all or extended sizes, and come in a variety of patterns. These wraps are soft, plush, and absorbent. Plus, they are secured with 3 enclosures, making them the right choice to keep everything under wraps.

3. Packing Checklist

Whether you share this at booking locations, on the website, or in the body of your guests’ confirmation email, providing a packing checklist is a great way to set cruisers’ expectations. They will have faith that you have their best interest in mind.

Furthermore, it enables them to be aware of what the cruise line will and will not provide during their stay. This transparency, authenticity and care is the best way to make your guests feel right at home—while also reminding them of the simple, yet sometimes forgotten items that guests will want to bring along.

4. Alarm Clocks

At first glance, this might seem like an odd essential. However, it’s not unheard of. Surprisingly, many cruises refrain from providing alarm clocks on board. And, although most people use their phone as an alarm clock, it might be useful to have a few traditional alarm clocks in guest cabins, provided at their request. This will ensure that they are up and ready to take on the day when they planned to, never missing their favorite docking station or a big event.

5. Emergency Medical Kits

While cruising and vacations put a big emphasis on fun and games, it’s still important to be prepared for whatever might happen. There should be several emergency medical kits and first aid kits across the ship on each deck. While vacationers might pack the basics, like adhesive bandages, you never know when something a bit more serious might come up—and the last thing you want to do is be unprepared. We also advise that cruises have medical professionals aboard for any emergencies that could arise.

6. Slippers

Affordable treats for each guest on board, slippers are a great way to soothe visitors. Whether they are uncomfortable walking around the cabin barefoot or they suffer from getting easily chilled, slippers are an excellent amenity to comfort your travelers, helping them enjoy their stay.

Boca Terry provides three selections:

  • Open Toe. Never too warm, this slipper allows for extra breathability.
  • Open Toe Velcro. Like the traditional open toe, this slipper improves comfort with its adjustable strap.
  • Closed Toe. The classic slipper for anyone’s needs.

Consider offering one of these selections before your ship takes off again.

7. Bathrobes

We say this sadly. Not all cruise lines provide bathrobes in every cabin. While each company has its own reasons and methods behind this, it is not always a successful business move. If guests learn that only some passengers have robes in their cabin, they might feel like your company is biased. Don’t leave a sour taste in your visitors’ mouths—provide equal bathrobe opportunities for them all!

Here are some great selections for your cruise line:

  • Classic Shawl Collar. The perfect mix of casual elegance, this bathrobe is a must-have.
  • Hooded Bathrobe. Perfect for drying hair when getting ready, this is a great option.
  • Kimono Waffle. A great selection for keeping cool on a hot sunny day, there is no better way to relax.

Boca Terry: Bettering Cruises

If you are ready to make your cruise better, then you need to start with the essentials. Contact us today to place an order or with any questions about wholesale pricing on our cruise essentials.


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