7 Reasons Why Your Resort Needs Boca Terry

7 Reasons Why Your Resort Needs Boca Terry

Published on Jan 9th 2015

7 Reasons Why Your Resort Needs Boca TerryWhether your resort is in tropical Turks and Caicos, or vast Alaska, you should always consider ways to improve your guests’ stay—and that includes the amenities you offer! Ready to bring your resort to the next level? Here are the reasons you should order Boca Terry products:

1. Variety

One of the first things you will note as you browse the Boca Terry website is the abundance of options. A great number of our wholesale products are fit for use in various branches of the hospitality sector. For example, if your resort offers spa services, Boca Terry has several products that will enhance your spa. Here are some of our favorites to elevate your guests’ spa experience:

• Spa Wraps­– Boca Terry’s Spa Wrap is great for wearing at the spa, before and after a massage, and in the various spa rooms including the sauna or steam room.

• Waffle Blankets– The Waffle Blanket is an excellent choice for use on spa tables, or even in your resort’s bedrooms. This blanket is a soft, lightweight, yet durable alternative to stiff sheets or fuzzy blankets.

Outside of the spa, we offer several more options to elevate your guests’ hotel stay. Do you have a large pool, a thriving fitness center, or a busy hot tub? Then you will need to invest in high quality towels, as they are popular in these areas. You will need a towel that lasts. Boca Terry delivers two options:

• Sunny Lane Collection– Our classic collection features towels that are available in several size options, including washcloth, hand towel, bath mat, bath towel, and beach towel sizes.

• Resort Collection– Just the right choice for your resort, these towels are luxurious, plush, and beautiful.

The durability of our towels ensures that your items are made to last. However, that is not all! We also have outstanding slippers, spa headbands, lounge chair covers, and organic bathrobes, ensuring that your resort is never in need.

2. Guest Satisfaction

What is the idea behind your resort? What are your company goals? More than likely, customer comfort and satisfaction is at the top of your list. That is the very nature of hospitality: guest happiness and customer service are rooted into the values of a hospitality establishment.

And why is that? What happens when guests are satisfied? Business booms, online scores soar, and returning guests make their way back to you year after year. The good news is that hotel customer satisfaction is on the rise—but that means that the competition is stronger! Go ahead, take that extra step to improve their satisfaction.

3. Noticeable Quality & Comfort

As you might already know, Boca Terry’s name is synonymous with quality in the hospitality industry. Whether you realize it or not, Boca Terry is used in thousands of hotels and resorts across the globe—and, because of our easy customization process, you might not even realize that the next big hotel’s bathrobes are actually Boca Terry manufactured.

4. Customization

On that note, customization is an excellent way to enable your guests to relate to your brand. Customization is easier than ever on wholesale orders. Simply consult with the Boca Terry design specialists to determine a look and feel for your resort. Whether you’d like a completely custom print or if you’d like to embroider your name.

5. Fast Shipping

Boca Terry has several distribution centers in and outside of the United States, to ensure that your next order is never too far away! Our distribution centers are capable of shipping anywhere in the world on time and with care, so you won’t be waiting long for your next order to arrive!

6. Unique Designs

Want to know what else helps Boca Terry stand out from the crowd? We take control of the manufacturing process from the very start—and that means that we design each of our items before they are manufactured. You will not find these designs elsewhere.

Boca Terry actually sources material from all over the world in order to make our fabrics from scratch. Who else takes such ownership of the manufacturing process from start to finish? When you invest in Boca Terry, you know that you are investing in the best—we stand behind our products because we know our products so well.

7. Customer Service

You already know how important customer service is—and so do we. We take pride in providing the utmost care and service to each of our customers and clients. Whether this is your first or five hundredth order, we are happy to help you. We know that you are busy, especially during peak traveling seasons, which is why we won’t waste your time. We offer our time, patience, care, and understanding to you, so that you can deliver the exact same to your guests.

Boca Terry: Bettering Guest Experience

We are ready to help you better your customers’ experience, one step at a time. If you are interested in ordering our affordable, luxury Boca Terry products, or if you have questions about wholesale pricing, contact us today!


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