8 Tips for Success: A Guide for Hospitality Distributors and Resellers

8 Tips for Success: A Guide for Hospitality Distributors and Resellers

Published on Jul 23rd 2015

8 Tips for Success: A Guide for Hospitality Distributors and ResellersDistributors and resellers in the hospitality sector play a role in ensuring that all customers—hotels, resorts, cruises, spas, and the like—have easy access to the products needed to keep their business afloat. These resellers and distributors help companies expand by offering the products they sell in avenues that they might not otherwise reach.

Are you a reseller or distributor who is just starting out? Boca Terry has had excellent experience in working with resellers throughout the years.

That said, we want to make sure that we offer ways in which resellers and distributors gain the confidence needed to sell and move products. Here are some tips we have gathered throughout the years we’ve partnered with resellers:

  1. Be a Resource

One of the best things resellers can do for themselves and their customers is being sure to be well informed about the industry and the products in it. This means staying familiar with the emerging and growing trends. As a reseller, you should also have such a deep understanding of the inside knowledge related to a product or industry that you are able to predict the future trends. Finally, just keeping up with what items are most popular is another great way to stay in the know. Doing so will enable you to be a resource for your customers.

  1. Know Your Clients and Their Business

On that note, it’s important to know your clients on a deeper level than many businesses need to. Don’t just sell to them. Consult them. Learn their business, and offer items to help them grow as a whole. Know them and what they want. Learn their names and faces—which can help build trust. Overall, making it obvious that you will go out of your way for them is a phenomenal way to get started toward building trust and a customer base.

  1. Offer Quality

This is the best way to foster a healthy relationship between you and your customers. Offer them quality products. If you don’t keep quality as a top priority, you will lose the trust of your clients.

When choosing companies to distribute for, only partner with brands you trust yourself: those who have a clean track record of reseller-manufacturer relationships. Manufacturers with fast shipping, quality products, and top of the line materials are your go-to—like Boca Terry, for example!

  1. Variety

Giving your customers options is a great way to allow them to view you as an indispensable resource. Accordingly, it’s a great way to foster a healthy relationship with your suppliers: by investing in more than one item from them.

Be sure that those options include high quality, affordable items. Your client might want to start out with a bargain brand product, but have high end products ready for them, because they are often likely to make that switch.

  1. Bring Samples

This is the best way for your customers to get a feel for the products. This gives them an idea of what they are in store for. It also allows your customers to compare and contrast items on the market, deciding not only on price alone, but also value.

Higher priced items might hold more value for your clients, as they can lead to better customer satisfaction—and plus, they might be made with stronger, more durable materials, making them a worthy investment. This is not the case for every luxury product on the market, which is why it is important to let your customers get a feel for what is really out there.

After all, not ever manufacturer can promise luxury quality and affordability like we can!

  1. Foster a Good and Clear Relationship With Your Manufacturer

Clear communication is a critical factor when it comes to working with a manufacturer. You need to work closely with them. Gauge their availability in the event that you will need something quickly. Learn about their shipping, their customization, and their variety of products. Check their product reviews. Know who and what you are working with.

Following these practices will make a difference—not only to you, but also to your customers. You want a manufacturer who can deliver when they going gets tough or when you’re in a cinch.

  1. Promote Affordability

This is absolutely key. Your customers do not want to over-pay for something. That is why you want affordable luxury. Your clients want durable, well-made products that don’t break the bank—and you get the chance to access those at factory-direct prices from us. You’re a hero.

Partner with Boca Terry

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