A Word from Boca Terry’s Own Christi Smith

A Word from Boca Terry’s Own Christi Smith

Published on Dec 19th 2013

A Word from Boca Terry’s Own Christi SmithAs we embark upon the New Year, we would like to take a moment to recognize one of Boca Terry‘s first employees, Christi Smith! Since Christi has been with us since birth, we wanted her opinion on Boca Terry’s evolution as a hospitality and promotional products manufacturer and distributor, and where she thinks we’re headed next year! With an accent you can’t forget (she’s from Sweden!), Christi is well-known throughout the company and within our client base. She simply loves what she does, and, in turn, is one of our biggest advocates!

What inspired you to pursue a career in the luxury goods/hospitality industry? What led you to your current role at Boca Terry?

I have been in sales and customer relations for the last 25 years, through a variety of roles.  I was working for a nonprofit company when I was offered a position at Boca Terry in 1998. After getting to know the owners and the environment that they have created, I was impressed and felt at home right away. It’s very important for me to work in a place that I admire. I have always enjoyed sales because it’s a challenge to develop a lasting relationship with new customers.

What have you experienced as you’ve grown with the company? Would you say the endeavors of the company are reflective of current trends within the industry?

I enjoy working with the hospitality industry very much; people are very nice and courteous. I have gotten to know the company well, and have developed an appreciation for their products. I also learned that the owners of Boca Terry care immensely about their customers and always strive to carry the best products with great value in a very competitive market.

What is unique about the Boca Terry business model as compared to other companies within its niche market?

Customer service! With so many competitive companies on the market, it is important to listen and understand what customers are really looking for. My main priority as an employee of Boca Terry is to get to know my customers, identify and anticipate what their needs are.  I also like to provide a very friendly and personal approach to make customers at ease doing business with me.  People value sincerity. It creates positive feelings and trust. I love my customers, and it’s nice to be remembered when I catch up with clients I haven’t spoken to in years! Some of my long-term clients include Ocean Properties, Columbia Sussex, Winegardner & Hammons, Wyndham Hotels & Resort.

What is Boca Terry looking forward to in the New Year? What resolution does Boca Terry have for its customers and partners as it relates to health and wellness?

Long-term client and customer loyalty is a long-term goal that we strive for every day and with every transaction, no matter how big or small.

How does Boca Terry’s products and services compliment the hospitality industry? How does Boca Terry’s role within this industry influence the way it does business? In what ways does Boca Terry hope to support its partners moving forward? 

Boca Terry offers carefully crafted, high quality products at a very competitive prices. Furthermore, Boca Terry understands that in order for hoteliers and spas to remain competitive in our industry, they need great products that customers will remember them by. One of the things our partners love about us the most is our attentiveness and willingness to meet their needs. After all, hospitality is about being courteous and respectful!

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