A Word From Our Customers

A Word From Our Customers

Published on May 29th 2014

customer serviceAside from making quality a priority, we cherish the feedback of our loyal customers. It not only provides reassurance that we’re offering an unrivaled product, but also that our employees are dedicated to paying attention to our customers’ preferences. As a supplier of hospitality products, Boca Terry effectively contributes to the values of the industry by making a commitment to maintaining cohesive relationships with our customers.

Whether it’s a spa or a luxury hotel, our customers continue to offer positive feedback. Most recently, our colleague Rosemarie Larkin received an email from a longtime customer, boasting about the durability of Boca Terry robes.

“I am amazed at the wonderful quality of the Boca Terry products. They wear SO WELL. I have been washing and bleaching these things for a couple of years now and they still look and feel fantastic!!! I will look over the catalogue and contact you when I’m ready to order. Boca Terry products are really something to be proud of – great quality! Thank you for making something that actually wears well, and looks great.”

While we received this feedback in a personal email, we always encourage our customers to leave us a message on our website or to call us directly at 954-312-4400. As always, we look forward to hearing from you!

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