Accounting for More Than Our Books: The Sweet and Smart Pam Leone

Accounting for More Than Our Books: The Sweet and Smart Pam Leone

Published on Jul 31st 2015

After featuring an interview with one of our employees last month, we received great reviews. As it turns out, our readers want to get to know us even better! So, we decided to feature one of our own again this month. We introduce Pamela (Pam) Leone, Accounting Coordinator:

You live in South Florida now as you work for Boca Terry. How long have you lived in the area and what brought you here?

I’ve been working in this area for just a year and a couple of months. I used to work for almost 10 years in the Boca Raton area and I’ve been commuting north to Boca Raton over 10 years.

I was born in New York, but I moved Miami when I was a kid. I like Florida and I think that, eventually, it would be nice to move back to the Palm Beach area.

I know you’ve spent a majority of your working career in accounting, but can you tell us more about how you got started in the industry?

I’ve been working in accounts receivable for pretty much my whole professional career, small and big companies. I worked in a healthcare management in Boca Raton, and worked in an aerospace and Latin American printing company in Miami.

I like what I’m doing now at Boca Terry: I get to do both accounts receivable and payable. This combination of work is what I was actually looking for prior to getting the position here. I get to perform different duties certain days of the week – mixing it up — it’s great and I keep a balanced, work rhythm.

Did you attend college for accounting? If so, how did you decide what you wanted to study?

I took business administration classes the first year and teaching classes my second year. While going to school, I was a part time accounting assistant—and since then, I’ve been working in this field. I fell into it by chance and my experience overall has been good.

Is there something you wish you’d known or a skill you wish you’d had when you were starting out?

I wish I got to get a little more experience with audits. When I was in healthcare management that was something I had to learn to do and be involved in. There were annual audits that lasted a month and a half. It would have been unique to have studied for that. They get to go into all the details and research—that’s what I like to do.

Can you tell me more about your role with Boca Terry? What does your day-to-day look like?

In the mornings, I work on deposits received overnight, plus process credit card payments received the day before. These get processed in the accounting software. Then, I go through my emails, which are mostly response from customers regarding their payment status. In the afternoon, I work on that day’s cash receipts and deposit. The rest of the afternoon, I’m working from the Customer Trial Balance report, making new calls. All of that work is mostly accounts receivable. I work on accounts payable during Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

What’s your favorite part about working for Boca Terry?

I really like working with the people. It’s a nice, small group of people with a great work dynamic.

I feel we get along well and that is essential in creating a good work vibe that last throughout the day.

Is there any person in particular that you’ve learned a lot from during your time with the company thus far?

Everyone’s been helpful, but I’ve learned the most from the billing and office coordinator, Jennifer Gulliford. She’s the person I work most closely with: she has a lot of experience and is very knowledgeable on the duties I perform.

But, everyone has been helpful. For example, I might have to reach out to the sales people regarding questions for the customers.

What’s the most significant thing you’ve learned during your time working there?

Boca Terry has an emphasis on customer service all throughout the company. Although I might be calling our customers regarding payments, I still have to remember to provide good customer service. I am always representing the company when I call.

Do you have a philosophy of life you try to adhere to? What’s your best piece of advice about regarding life?

Keeping my faith in God; keeping my focus on Him, helps me to live a peaceful life.

I believe practicing fellowship with everyone you meet produces peace and joy.

I know there’s a Pam your friends and family know outside of work. So, tell us more about that side of your life. What are your hobbies when you’re not working?

I love spending time with my family. It’s very small. There’s my husband, my 22-year-old son, my mom, and three cats. Spending time with them is the most important to me. However, outside of that, I also love reading fiction books and writing fiction as well. I have an interest in Paranormal fiction.

I love music listening to all types of music, but mostly alternative rock and classical. I have a home so now that I’m a homeowner, I like to tidy up and tend to the back and front yard. I don’t really have a green thumb, so it’s a work in progress.

Of course, we need to know which Boca Terry item is a must-have in your book and why?

They do have really comfortable, plush bathrobes. I like all of them, but just wish it was colder here in Florida so I could just curl up with one of the robes, a book, and of course, socks. Just like heaven…

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