Amazing Things You Can Do in a Robe (When PJs Just Won’t Cut It)

Amazing Things You Can Do in a Robe (When PJs Just Won’t Cut It)

Published on Aug 10th 2016

Amazing Things You Can Do in a Robe (When PJs Just Won’t Cut It) on

Style and awesome comfort are not mutually exclusive

We all love pajamas. They are soft, comfortable, and can make sleeping a better experience than it probably was, once upon a time. But let’s face it. There are some things that pajamas just aren’t made for. Because your PJs are a little more private and personal than everyday clothing, it might be awkward to wear them in certain situations — but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice that level of comfort.

There’s a great solution that’s equally as comfortable, yet several times more elegant than your average PJs. The humble yet beautiful bathrobe is the perfect substitute in many situations (though we tend to think of robes as our go-to option), since there’s no fear of embarrassment.

Here are a few scenarios where a bathrobe will save you the awkwardness of PJs:

1. Hang around the campfire

Fall is prime time for campfires. Whether you’re actually spending time at a campground or you’re lighting your backyard fire pit, a bathrobe is the perfect attire for enjoying this type of moment.

2. Head to the pool

Ahh, the pool. The coolest spot to be at all summer long. The only thing that would improve your pool day? Heading there in your ridiculously cozy and stylish bathrobe. Plus, since combed cotton bathrobes are incredibly absorbent, they’re the perfect substitution for a towel. And it makes packing for the pool much easier — forget spare clothes, a towel, and a cover up: a bathrobe does all three jobs in one.

3. Go to the spa

Robes and the spa go hand-in-hand with one another. There is absolutely no shame in heading to one wearing a luxurious, plush bathrobe to get your experience off on the right foot. Plus, you’ll save yourself the trouble of trying on a new robe provided by the spa when you bring one that you already know and love.

4. Answer the door

That’s right — you can answer your door without fear when wrapped in an elegant bathrobe. You’ll immediately go from drab to fab when you greet a visitor donning a robe rather than sloppy-looking PJs. Having a friend over for a casual drink? No problem. A bathrobe is all you need.

No matter how you use it, you’ll love a luxury quality bathrobe

Bathrobes are a staple of luxurious living. They’re comfortable, practical, and look classier than your average jammies, making them a versatile piece of attire that’s worthy of investment. Ready to rock a regal-looking robe? We’ve got lots you can choose from.

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