And so it has begun…

And so it has begun…

Published on Sep 3rd 2010

I have started the ole fall winter straightening thing. I don’t know how often i am going to do this because its a lot of work. I have managed to cancel some things out though

  • I will NOT be blow drying my hair before straightening. It dryes my hair out too much so will just dry it in braids over night.
  • I will be adding a leave-in to this regimen to get some weight on my hair but not too much weight

Ok that’s as far as my list goes right now.. lol but i will be adding more as i learn more. Latest style: Flat Ironed and Pin curled

As the day went on, humidity got the best of me so im rockin a messy bun right now but i will pin curl it back. I am just so afraid of using too much sabino and getting stringy hair.. oh well you live and learn.. it will be cute again tomorrow

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