Ayurvedic Herb: Bhringraj for Premature Gray, Dandruff Control, Hair Growth and More.

Ayurvedic Herb: Bhringraj for Premature Gray, Dandruff Control, Hair Growth and More.

Published on Jul 28th 2011

Via Lustrous Henna for Hair


Bhringraj: The common name is False Daisy. Yerba de tago, Bhagra are a few more. It’s found on the foot hills of Northern India as well as moist places around the globe. It is actually a flowering weed known for its benefits in Ayurvedic medicine. The white flowers are approximately 6-8 mm in diameter, with narrow leaves.

The leaf extract is considered quite beneficial for the hair and has been traditionally used externally on the hair (and scalp) to stop hair loss, promote luxuriant hair growth, stop graying of hair and improve hair color. It’s used as a hair tonic and hair conditioning agent.

Traditionally, Bhringraj has also been used for preventing baldness, anti-dandruff, anti-lice and revitalizing the hair
. Additionally, for centuries, the leaf juice has been boiled with sesame or coconut oil to dye the hair black or to tattoo the skin.

In fact, the entire plant including the seeds, have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for ages. Around the globe, Bhringraj is proven to be effective with numerous benefits both internally and externally.

Bhringraj is one of the ingredients that Saba Botanical of USA uses inImbue™ Nurturing Conditioner, as well as in Lustrous Henna 100% natural hair color dye. No wonder the hair looks and feels radiant and luxurious with regular use as customer testimonialsreveal.


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