Bathrobe Company? We Like to Think We’re more of a Lifestyle Company

Bathrobe Company? We Like to Think We’re more of a Lifestyle Company

Published on Jul 15th 2013

Back in 1996, the vision of Bruce and Edward Cohen was to combine their manufacturing experience into a single energy in order to create a company dedicated to luxury products. Serving the hospitality industry, Boca Terry was born, and we have grown over the years to represent much more than the exquisite robes and towels we sell.


Representing the Best of What Hospitality Implies


We had the idea all along that we would develop into a brand representing the best of what hospitality implies. Always respecting the process, we allowed ourselves to grow in the most organic way possible, which was to deliver exceptional products at low cost to discerning hotels, spas, bed & breakfasts, inns, cruise lines, and more.


Consistent Passion for Our Industry


One by one, we began to attract some of the foremost establishments in the world, their buyers recognizing that we were not just a fly-by-night company using generic materials and styling. Right from the start, our clients saw that a Boca Terry item meant an attention to detail that speaks of our consistent passion for the hospitality industry and how we can make it better.


Nothing Less than Perfection


Nothing less than perfection has been our credo since day one. This means we take the sourcing of all of our materials seriously, as well as how we put each stitch and seam together, and how meticulously we craft the final product. All of our employees are highly trained professionals, aware of the importance of every facet when it comes to providing durable and timeless products that speak of comfort and beauty.


Never Resting On Our Laurels


Seeking the best is what drives us to outdo ourselves all the time. Even with the great pride that comes from being recognized for our quality products, we never rest on our laurels, as we always are searching for better manufacturing and production methods to bring you the best.


Reflecting a Single Vision


A lot is being said about “lifestyle” these days. Our definition of a lifestyle as it relates to our brand is that every aspect of our business reflects and communicates a single vision of how to live life. That we are now considered a lifestyle company means that we have successfully conveyed what we strive for, which is to invoke the best that life has to offer, offering million dollar products at a price that everyone can afford.


Nothing Short of Excellence


At Boca Terry, we believe that there is no reason not to seek the best in order to enhance your life. Whether it is the feel of a snug and cozy slipper or the perfect drape of a gorgeously styled terrycloth robe, your clients deserve to feel pampered and unique. By providing you with the opportunity to choose top-tier products, you are telling your guests that they are important, that they matter, and that they deserve nothing short of excellence.


Identity as Reflected Through Choice


As a brand, your identity comes through every choice you make. As a brand your product reflects your views, and if your views are in line with making each and every one of your guests feel special, then your brand will grow, shine, and eventually become iconic. Think of some of the most prominent names in the market and you will recognize how each and every one is a lifestyle company, with Nike, Apple, and Louis Vuitton, to name a few.


Growing from Substance and Authenticity


From the many discussions we have within our Boca Terry culture, we concur that a lifestyle brand is grown from substance and authenticity. We started out making exceptional goods and built from there. Our foundation has been based all along on a completely vertical production value, from seeds to threads to dyeing, weaving, sewing, styling, embroidering, and more. Great customer service has always been our strength, which is another brick that makes our base so solid.


Building a Company That Lasts


We don’t hold to the thought that a company is an overnight success. Just like a great actor who must study, take minor roles, and work in small theatres to hone his or her craft if staying power is the goal, we have always known that we needed to build ourselves slowly and carefully. Honing our knowledge every step of the way, our idea has been to build a company that lasts. There are many “stars” out there who are one-movie wonders, lucky enough to be beautiful or just right for a perfect role. You see them once and then they disappear into some obscure firmament where they are never heard from again. In this, we are just plain not interested.


Where Every Guest Feels Like Royalty


Boca Terry is interested in longevity. We are interested in delivering a message to the hospitality industry that each and every guest deserves to feel like royalty, and in order to establish this sentiment, we provide the products that match.


Aspiring to the Highest Level


As a lifestyle company, we represent much more than bathrobes. We represent the importance of aspiring to the highest level, where through a beautifully created product people feel good about themselves. And when they do, the world is truly a better place.


Serving Clients Around the World


With warehouses in Miami, Deerfield Beach, Los Angeles, London, and Hong Kong, we are able to serve our clients around the world. With easy ordering protocols, timely delivery, and a staff that is available to answer any question, we make it easy for you to uphold the vision of your own brand. When you need a delivery, you get it. When you need a special order, we are on hand to make it happen. When you are looking for a unique design, our design pros are there to collaborate with you in order to find the ideal solution.


Contact Us Today


Please take a look at our impeccable product line and feel free to contact us with any thoughts or questions you may have. Use the online form or call (877) 421-6001 to get in touch today!

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