Bathrobe Size Chart

Bathrobe Size Chart

Published on Aug 22nd 2012

Bathrobe Size ChartAfter a busy day full of meetings and paperwork, the exhausted businesswoman returns to her hotel room and steps into the shower, eagerly anticipating the moment when she’ll step out into the steam-filled room and the comforting embrace of the hotel bathrobe. Unfortunately, when she finally gets to that much-anticipated moment, the bathrobe she tries to wrap herself in is far too small. She groans, and unhappily searches for a towel. While she might not be complaining about the hotel just yet, she would check out a much happier woman if her bathrobe fantasy had come to fruition.

Hotel Managers and Owners Can Please Guests with Correctly Sized Bathrobes from Boca Terry

Hotel managers and owners want to make their guests feel as comfortable as possible. While it’s impossible for a hotel customer service representative to anticipate all of his customers’ needs, going above and beyond the customer’s expectations is what’s required to make a hotel and its staff successful in today’s competitive economy. Offering bathrobes in the correct sizes is just one small way that hotel managers and owners can please guests, and it takes little more than a bathrobe size chart.

The Fast, Simple Way Hotel Owners and Managers Can Offer Guests Correctly Sized Bathrobes from Boca Terry

When a guest makes a reservation at a hotel, the customer service team should quickly initiate conversation with the guest. The customer service team should inform the guest that they wish to make the guest’s stay as pleasant as possible. For this reason, the team should explain to the guest that they are prepared to outfit the guest room with a few items that will make it more specific to the guest’s taste. At this time, the customer service team can provide the guest with a bathrobe size chart.

Benefits of Offering Correctly Sized Bathrobes
•    The customer service team that makes personal inquiries about the guests shows that they care about the guest’s welfare.
•    Hotels show that they care deeply about guests when they pay attention to minute details, like bathrobes.
•    Offering customers the luxury of a well-fitting bathrobe sets the hotel apart from others in the customer’s mind.
The woman who steps out of the shower only to find an ill-fitting bathrobe might not write a negative review of the hotel online, but she certainly isn’t satisfied with her stay. Hotel managers and owners can quickly turn that unsatisfied guest into one that is very happy with her stay by simply using a bathrobe size chart and offering a correctly sized, comfortable bathrobe.

Boca Terry specializes in offering luxury bathrobes to hotels at competitive, bulk prices. The luxury of Boca Terry means that hotel managers can go above and beyond the call of duty to satisfy guests. Hotel managers and owners can visit Boca Terry online at or contact them by phone at 954.312.4410 and 877.421.6001 x210 or by fax at 866.530.9743 to learn more about how they can benefit their guests with bathrobes.

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