Bee Mine Entry – Morena

Bee Mine Entry – Morena

Published on Aug 4th 2010

I want to share an experience that I am still dealing with related to my hair. As a little girl, I always had a full crown of thick hair. At the age of 12, my mom relaxed my hair. From that moment on, I battled to grow my natural curls with the attempt to cut off the relaxed hair. My first effort was when I was in High School.

I shaved off all of my sides and the back like a smurf. My hair grew back and again another relaxer was put on the hair. Again, I chopped my hair off and wore a jerry curl with just the gel.  As the hair began to grow, I didn’t know how to wear my hair so again another relaxer. Well, my hair on the sides and back began to thinned out due to the cuts and the relaxer application on short hair. I remember having ugly scabs on my scalp from the relaxer every time a relaxer was applied on the sides of my hair and the back. Since the top was always many inches longer it didn’t get affected as badly from the application.

Me being ignorant would peel the dry scabs off my scalp. I didn’t realize that I was also  pulling hair out of my scalp. This was something that I dealt with for about 24 years before I became natural for good. Now, I have pretty and healthy natural hair yet, is not full and thick as it used to be when I was younger. I hope that if anyone reading this story that still applies relaxer to their hair will really be careful how they apply it. Please do not pick on the scabs or dry skin on your scalp because is not healthy for your hair. Thank you for reading my story.

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