Bee Mine Entry – Tia

Bee Mine Entry – Tia

Published on Jul 28th 2010

First off its been amazing since day 2/3 post Big Chop. That first day or two were ok I just had to get used to looking at the new me. Even when I took a glimpse at my shadow I was like I can’t believe that me :-). Anywho, I’m always changing up my hair. I work at a fast food restaurant & some of my regulars are like everytime I come in here your hair is different. And you know, I can’t help it! When I was on the creamy crack my hair was pretty much always the same. Curled (until it fell at the end of the day) an occasional ponytail, or just plain old straight. NOW its no telling what my hair will look like from day to day. One day I had about 4 flat twist on the side and the rest was in a fro and this guy asked me, “oh you about to go finish gettin your hair done?” I was like NO I want it to look like this! He looked at me so crazy and I just smiled and walked away.

I feel like I’m writing too much and rambling but hey I’m just being me I guess… OH, one more story & I’m done I promise. So shortly after I cut my hair my gas got turned off. Terrible I know. Anyway, I’m this newly natural person not knowing how to style my hair & a wash-n-go is all I knew at the time. Washing/co-washing your hair in cold water while its cold outside is SOOO NOT the business BUT it does wonders for your hair. Probably the best experience for my hair but not for my responsiblity check list you can say.

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