Best Embroidered Customized Robes for Your Summer Party

Best Embroidered Customized Robes for Your Summer Party

Published on Sep 27th 2013

Best Embroidered Customized Robes for Your Summer PartyHere we are in the thick of the summer, when barbecues, picnics, and other celebrations become the perfect way to get together with friends and family. Jumping in and out of the pool, lake, or Jacuzzi, a great robe makes the perfect cover-up, and we at Boca Terry have some great ideas about how to create something really special for your summer party guests.


Making Special Magic


There’s nothing better than making special magic for a party, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, job promotion celebration, or just the sweetness of bringing people you love together for a wonderful afternoon in the sun. Why not order our Boca Terry robes to give as unique party favors, with an emblem or design that commemorates the day?


Providing a Robe and a Memory


Whether you are entertaining at home or have booked a particular place where you can enjoy all the amenities, Boca Terry robes will boost the celebration up several notches as your guests envelop themselves in our luxury fabrics. Choose from the many styles we offer and know that you will be providing a robe and a memory that will last for a long time to come.


Paying a Low Price for Luxury


When you go to our online shop, you can easily find the one-size-fits-all robes that are making customers all over the world feel like a million dollars. And this is without having to spend a fortune. Because we operate out of our own factories and do not have a middleman, we are able to keep our prices down in order to bring you top-of-the-line quality products. With clients that include A-list spas, hotels, cruise lines and more, we are helping to define the idea of luxury and ease with every robe we create.


Our Boca Terry Designs


Here is a list of the styles you will find on our website:

  • The Basic Kimono
  • The Checkered Robe
  • The Classic Shawl Collar
  • The Fleece Kimono
  • The Hooded Terry
  • The Kimono Waffles
  • The Knit Waffle
  • The Micro Chamois
  • The Microfiber
  • The Microtec
  • The Microterry
  • The Mini Stripe
  • The Pink Kimono Satin
  • The Satin Stripe
  • The Shawl Waffles
  • The Velour Stripe
  • The Organic Basic Kimono
  • The Organic Classic Shawl Collar
  • The Organic Lightweight Waffle…and more


Helping You Fashion the Design You Want


Any one of these beautiful models can be customized for your summer party, with the logo, emblem, initials, or design of your choice expertly embroidered on the front. Our Boca Terry design experts will help you fashion just the look you want, including the addition of piping and special colors.


Practical, Functional, Valuable


When your guests have something personal to take home after a wonderful day, you are giving them a gift that keeps on giving. And this is especially true when it comes to a robe. Practical and functional, there is nothing better than a gift that is truly usable. And when it is made with the care and attention to detail that we at Boca Terry are known for, it takes on even greater value.


Quality Control Exceeding the Norm


Every stitch and seam we apply to our bathrobes is done with extreme finesse. We have trained every one of our employees to help create our products as if they were one of a kind, and our passion for perfection is evident with each piece that leaves our warehouse. With quality control that exceeds the norm, you are getting products that can withstand countless launderings, standing up to time with the same appeal as they did on the first day that they were worn.


Classic, Contemporary, and Timeless


Our attention to styling means that no matter what your body type, or that of your guests, everyone will look good in our robes. The way they drape, the double belt loops that allow for waist height adjustment, and the quality of the fabrics we use all conspire to create an exceptionally chic silhouette, no matter what a person’s size and shape. For women and men, our robes combine the classic with the contemporary, making them timeless.


The Ultimate Complement


Many of the comments we receive from our retail customers are that once they put their Boca Terry robes on they never want to take them off. This of course is the ultimate compliment, and it is a goal we are constantly working towards as we continually perfect our manufacturing and production methods to bring you the very best we can.


Style is the Name of the Game


When you look at our styling, you can see just how important a robe is in any setting. Whether you are relaxing on a lounge chair, perched on a bar stool poolside, emerging from the Jacuzzi, or just walking from one end of the yard to the other, doing it in style is the name of the game.


Inspiring Glamour and Ease


Somehow we find that when people put on a Boca Terry robe they walk a little taller and find a natural grace that they might never have known they had. Our robes seem to inspire people to feel glamorous while inviting them to relax and be at total ease.


Making Your Guests Feel Included and Special


Being in the hospitality industry for as long as we have has brought us some special insights on how to make people feel good. We know you want your guests to feel their very best, and this is why we suggest an array of signature, customized robes that not only provide comfort, but also help them feel like they are a part of a special club. With a signature embroidered logo, there is no better way to make them feel included, loved, and special.


Contact Us Today


For more information on ordering customized robes for your summer party as well as any of our other luxury products, please contact us today by calling (877) 421-6001 or using the contact form.

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