Best Personalized Bathrobes For Bachelorette Parties

Best Personalized Bathrobes For Bachelorette Parties

Published on Aug 23rd 2012


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Best Personalized Bathrobes For Bachelorette PartiesWhile many people are familiar with the idea of a bachelor party, few think about the bachelorette. Just like her spouse-to-be, she needs a night or several nights away from the hassles of planning a wedding. As most brides take on most of the responsibilities of wedding planning, they need the relaxing time away even more than the grooms. A popular trend for new brides is a bachelorette party far from home. The woman and her friends want to enjoy an upscale salon, a spa or a hotel that combines all of those features. An easy way to get women excited about a specific location is with the best, personalized bathrobes for bachelorette parties.

What Makes a Good Bathrobe?

A good bathrobe should feel soft and smooth against the skin. From the moment she slips it on, she should feel like the bathrobe is just an extension of her natural skin. Boca Terry offers high-quality and luxurious bathrobes will let any bride forget about the daily frustrations associated with wedding planning and begin relaxing immediately.

Types of Bathrobes

Many people assume that a bathrobe only comes in one style, which is the type they wore as children. The newest designs come in a variety of styles to fit a variety of different customers. A kimono bathrobe features large pockets on the front and a design similar to an authentic kimono. A hooded bathrobe comes with a large hood that keeps her wet hair out of her eyes, while the shawl design is perfect for lounging around a spa or hotel room.

Bathrobe Materials

Picking the best personalized bathrobes for bachelorette parties is as simple as looking at the bachelorettes. Satin robes, like the pink kimono satin robe from Boca Terry, are so silky and smooth that she will want to rush right home and show it to her future groom. Fleece options are softer and warmer, which let her quickly warm up after a spa treatment or dip in the swimming pool. Microfiber, mitroctec and microterry robes are just as soft as the fleece robes, but the materials dry faster, which lets her use the robe multiple times during her stay.

The best part of all is that those who shop from Boca Terry can choose the best, personalized bathrobes for bachelorette parties. The company can completely customize the bathrobes, letting customers pick different colors and designs for the robes. A spa might pick an elegant satin bathrobe with its logo embroidered on the front, while a hotel might want fluffy fleece bathrobes that keep her warm and comfortable during her stay.

Boca Terry is the leading provider of top-of-the-line personalized and customized bathrobes. The company helps hundreds of upscale hotels, resorts and spas treat customers like bachelorettes to the best of the best. She wants to feel like a princess on her big day, and she can get that feeling from the right bathrobe. Contact Boca Terry today for the best and most luxurious bathrobes by phone at (954) 312-4410, toll-free at (877) 421-6001 x210 or by fax at (866) 530-9743.

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