Best Terry Cloth Lounge Chairs for the Summer

Best Terry Cloth Lounge Chairs for the Summer

Published on Aug 1st 2013

When it comes to creating impact in the hospitality industry, we believe that continuity in your product line is essential. When every one of your amenities is all of a piece, it demonstrates a thoughtful commitment to detail as every piece speaks of your unique style.


Putting Products Together in Harmony


At Boca Terry, we have created a product line that allows buyers to choose pieces that can be put together in harmony. Whether you choose several of our bathrobe styles, any one of them will be the perfect accompaniment to our line of towels, slippers, and other amenities.


Exceptional Terry Lounge Chair Covers


In this regard, we want to talk about our exceptional terry cloth lounge chair covers. Often the lounge chair is overlooked and guests are left to fend for themselves against hot plastic and the uncomfortable bars that support the chair. And, as we all know, towels have a tendency to fall off or bunch, which is a definite distraction from the deep relaxation you hope your guests will feel when at your establishment.


Fitting Perfectly


We have made a line of lounge chair covers that fit perfectly over any type of structure, providing a smooth, soft, comfortable surface that is stable and secure. Because we use the finest elastic for a universal fit, our covers stay tight and yet are easily removed for laundering. And of course, during the laundering process, the elastic we have chosen is perfectly matched for the countless washings and dryings that your cover must undergo.


Made to Last


Using a woven terrycloth fabric, our quality covers are made to last. This means that despite all the wear from normal use, they will not look second hand. When every piece of cloth looks like new, your establishment will gain even more approval from guests who will want to return time and time again to enjoy the pristine environment you have taken the time to create.


Dedicated to Perfection


At Boca Terry, we are obsessed with getting every nuance right when it comes to manufacture and production. We take the time to find the best sources for all of our fabrics, and because we own our own factories, we can oversee every aspect of the weaving and sewing process to ensure that everything is done correctly. Our reputation depends on being as perfect as possible, and it is in this spirit that we hope to help you find the best way to enforce a similar dedication.


Absorbent, Plush, with a Tight, Finished Look


Made of 100% cotton terry, our lounge chair covers are combed until they are as smooth as silk. Absorbent and plush, we use a special looping technique to provide a density that allows for the greatest absorption of moisture possible so that your guests are always comfortable after a swim. Because we use short fibers to create our covers, they are ensured for strength and longevity. With edging made with cotton tape, the covers are hemmed on all sides to create a tight and finished look.


Simple and Classic


No matter what style establishment you have, our lounge chair covers create a simple, classic look. Keeping your furniture free of oils and creams, they are also ideal for providing your guests with peace of mind knowing that they are resting on something that is fresh and clean.


Keeping Prices Down


At Boca Terry, we pay attention to a lot more than most companies. This means we are also aware of the fact that in today’s unstable market, prices need to be kept down. We always work with the idea that we want our products to be completely affordable. In this regard we believe that using the most impeccable quality materials is the way to ensure longevity, and of course it is through the durability of our products that we help you save money. When you have fabrics built to last, you don’t need to order more, unless of course you want to expand your own inventory, and we’re always happy to help you do that!


Customizing Your Lounge Chair Covers


One of the ways that you can use our lounge chair covers to their maximum effect is to incorporate your logo so that guests will always have your brand in mind. Our design experts are available for consultation on how to best create and place a beautifully embroidered design on each cover so that you have a one-of-a-kind item that can be identified easily. This is especially important if your hotel is alongside others, with your lounge chairs lined up on the beach. When bathers come in from the water, they should be able to identify their chairs by the prominent logo they see before them.


Improving Your Rankings


In today’s world, everyone is rating and ranking their travel experience. When your towels, robes, and chair covers shine, so do your ratings. And if you don’t know by now, these are perhaps the top areas that people write about when they create online reviews. We find it so interesting that this area is one of the most important when determining the quality of a person’s stay, and this is why we have dedicated ourselves to producing the best over the many years we have been involved in the hospitality industry.


Your Guests Deserve the Best


Boca Terry supplies a myriad of top tier establishments with our product line. From hotels to inns, bed & breakfasts, spas, cruise lines, promotional businesses, and even hospitals, we create impeccable items to help people feel more comfortable. Hospitality to us means that everyone deserves to have the best, especially as they take a break from their working lives to enjoy a little ease.


Contact Us Today


For more information on this and every summer’s best terry cloth lounge chair covers, contact us today using the online form or by calling (877) 421-6001.

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