Best Wholesale Bathrobe Suppliers Online (Updated)

Best Wholesale Bathrobe Suppliers Online (Updated)

Published on Sep 13th 2012

best wholesale bathrobe suppliers

Best Wholesale Bathrobe Suppliers Online 

Finding the right wholesale bathrobe to provide your customers with may not seem like an easy task, but that all changes when you find the right supplier.  Seeing as how we live in a digital era, we’re used to getting what we want at lightening speed.

That’s why we have the world of the Internet to thank. Although there are still many customers that prefer to take the traditional route and check new items in person before placing an order, the reality is, that’s not always feasible.

Sometimes, you might find an item (or several) located overseas and don’t have the chance to see them in person. That’s one of the instances when the comfort of being able to order what you need with the click of a button kicks in.

A Tech-Driven Generation

The online world is vast and although it has definitely made life easier for many corporations—especially those established on a global scale—there’s always the dilemma of deciphering who can be trusted online. Yet, online tools are also available to help determine which site you can safely order from.

Nowadays, ordering products online has become so simplified, you can expect standard business-day deliveries for some international orders, too—not to mention second-day delivery options. In addition, most delivery costs have immensely dropped over the past few years. So what’s not to love about ordering online?

With simplified processes comes the responsibility merchants have to constantly enhance their inventory of services. After all, customer satisfaction is the number one priority in every vendor’s mind to stand tall in a growing pool of competition.

Finding the Best Company

As hotel and spa owners look for ordering a larger number of bathrobes, they have certain preferences in mind. At face value, some items may seem suitable for their stock, but often times, they just don’t come with customization options that particular establishment is looking for.

If you’re in the hospitality business and have tried shopping for wholesale apparel before, you’ve probably already experienced this. You know what you want and when you need it, so it’s only expected to get the merchandise you order in great condition and in a timely manner.

Seeing as how each company is distinct in providing products of exceptional quality at competitive prices, the most important element in selling online is standing out with unique business exercises. The companies that clearly lay out what their manufacturing process entails usually earn a customer’s trust much more quickly than those that do not. That’s because they show how much emphasis they place on the integrity of their work and their honesty with online customers.

As consumers shop for an essential product to ensure the utmost comfort for their guests—whether it’s for a hotel, cruise line or a boutique store—they are more inclined to go with the manufacturer whose production process they are most familiar with. This detail serves as a guarantee to customers that the products they’re ordering are handled with the utmost care.

A Flawless Website

Websites are the initial mediums used to provide a point of contact for web surfers interested in ordering online products. These days, customers and vendors both know the importance of having a well organized website that’s clean and easy to navigate through.

Customers generally determine whether or not a website is honorable based on how flawless it is, and they’re ultimately more likely to place an order when they’re confident that they’ll get what they see. This is especially the case when it comes to ordering wholesale luxury items, such as organic bathrobes.

A great website is not only characterized by displaying a clear message and a clean layout, it must also display product prices along with product specifications. In addition, all pertinent information such as shipping and ordering details should be easy to access on the website.

The Importance of Options

Every customer has a personal preference when it comes to deciding which bathrobe they should get to suit their setting. That’s why wholesale consumers should always look for a website that has a myriad of options to choose from.

Some if the most popular bathrobe styles that are searched for online include:

  • Hooded
  • Kimonos
  • Knit Waffle
  • Microfiber
  • Microterry
  • Satin

Many spas may prefer to go with a kimono style, while a hotel might opt for a shawl collar alternative for its high-end suites. A great wholesale bathrobe company should have either style ready for order, along with a full range of bathrobe options. It’s much easier for customers to find numerous choices on the same site so that they won’t have to worry about having to look elsewhere to completely check off their list.

The Ability to Customize

One of the most important elements of branding is having the option to customize. Personalizing bathrobes is a great way to create a sense of consistency for hotel and spa guests; it also adds a more lavish touch to any garment.

That’s why it’s crucial for a wholesaler to provide its customers with the option to add custom embroidery on all of their products. This includes everything from well-stitched emblems to logos, monograms, customizable colors and graphics, and more. This gives customers the chance to freely depict the image of their brand and enhance their brand awareness.

 A Trustworthy Choice

If you’re looking for a company that provides high-quality wholesale bathrobes and accessories at competitive prices, you should keep all of the above in mind. You can actually find all of the mentioned qualities at Boca Terry.

We’ve been manufacturing luxury bathrobes for about two decades now, and our skilled team has the knowledge and expertise to provide all of our customers from a range of industries exactly what they need. Our website is easy to navigate and includes an abundance of options to cater to your needs.

If you would like more information on our products, contact us today and we’ll be happy to assist you in finding the bathrobes that will best fit your setting.


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