Birth Center Amenities to Create a Home-Spa Healthcare Environment

Birth Center Amenities to Create a Home-Spa Healthcare Environment

Published on Nov 17th 2017

Birth center amenities, equipment and décor are vital to creating a safe, welcoming environment where mothers can bring their children into the world.

Birth centers are “in”… just as cryotherapy and wellness hotels are “in.” These standalone healthcare facilities have revolutionized how we think about labor and childbirth. Even mainstream hospitals are adapting their facilities and procedures to provide birth center amenities and home-spa atmospheres to women in labor. Following are some essential amenities that create a soothing environment in any birthing center, hospital delivery room, or maternity ward.


Birth centers offer patients toxic-free environments. These spaces feel like home but come equipped with sufficient medical supplies and healthcare equipment. Therefore, offering soon-to-be-parents the option to control the music is imperative. The same goes for lighting, which in birth centers is often warm and adjustable. An iPod hook-up, free wi-fi, and a couple dozen battery-operated candles can truly transform the room.


Traditional birthing positions are popular in Hollywood movies, but they are not the only birthing methods available to moms in labor. Birth center amenities often include birthing stools and exercise balls that allow for various positions. Movable birthing swings, hung from hooks in the ceiling, offer yet another alternative.


Water births are increasingly popular, which is why full-sized spa tubs are a must-have for birth centers and modern-day hospital delivery wards. Filled with chemical-free drinking water, these tubs also allow moms to soak in the tub during labor. Oversized showers are common birth center amenities as well.


Finally, birth center amenities provide the utmost comfort to moms in labor. When they step out of the shower, there are wholesale organic robes and non-skid slippers waiting for them. The room is stocked with cotton hospital towels, essential oils and aromatherapy diffusers. Overall, do whatever you can to create a comfy, thoughtfully designed “mom cave,” and you’ll grab the attention of many modern-day moms-to-be.

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