Published on Feb 1st 2019


February has arrived and love is already so in the air! Even though we believe this sublime emotion is to be celebrated every day, all year round, having a special holiday in which we can all pour in our affections in honor of romance is just fantastic. We can all feel the warm, fuzzy feeling and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, men and women all over the world take the time to reflect upon love and how they wish to express it. Chocolate, cards, love letters, flowers, and a very expensive dinner are usually the order of the day, but how to best demonstrate to that cherished one the depth of your appreciation when you have one day out of the year to get it right?

It’s no wonder Valentine’s Day is so often glossed over with the usual tried and true “romantic” pleasantries that leave no deeper lasting mark than your bank account and the pictures taken at the restaurant. Pop culture and stereotypical expectations have made the Love holiday something of either unrealistic proportions or a one-size-fits-all affair. So how to bring back real excitement and spontaneity to the one holiday that should matter most?

One size does NOT fit all
First of all, no two relationships are the same. The love story you share with your darling has its own unique symbols and mementos. This means there are unique ways in which to honor and make an homage to your individual story. By celebrating where you’ve been together and where you’re headed in a personalized way, the experience is much more special and likely to become unforgettable.

Keep it simple
No demonstration of love should be so complicated that takes you away from simply being in the moment. Similarly, “simple” does not equate to the standard, run of the mill Valentine’s
Day gifts – aka Teddy bear and chocolates. Keeping it simple means creating an experience that’s both thoughtful and meaningful to the relationship without having to resort to seductive gimmicks.

Rethinking the formula
How about creating your own rules? Don’t let traditions dictate what’s expected or not from the day and instead do something that you’ll both truly love. What’s your version of a romantic evening at home? Perhaps, it’s a home-cooked candle-lit dinner with red wine while listening to romantic jazz in your favorite his & hers robes. Or creating a sensual home spa experience with candles, rose petals on the bathtub, aromatherapy, and a massage. Choices are endless and they are yours to make!

Get closer
Nothing says affection quite as much as the warmth of physical touch. Sometimes the most romantic thing to do is to cuddle up together wrapped up in a sumptuous bathrobe next to a fire. Watch your favorite movie or read poetry to one another, because why not do what you really enjoy doing together! Intimacy is the name of the game here and without it, romance wouldn’t be possible. Bathrobes and loungewear are second to none to create that sense of comfort and ease.

The bottom line
Whatever you do this Valentine’s Day, we wish you a month full of love and shared warmth. In the end, love is not only about your spouse, significant other or romantic pursuit, but something that starts from within and overflows. Here at Boca Terry, we seek to spread the luxurious feeling of comfortable skin contact that creates intimacy and a sense of security. Cheers to love, always!

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