Boca Terry to Attend the 2013 AHE Exchange Conference in Indianapolis, IN

Boca Terry to Attend the 2013 AHE Exchange Conference in Indianapolis, IN

Published on Aug 26th 2013

Boca Terry to Attend the 2013 AHE Exchange Conference in Indianapolis, INOn September 15th through 18th, the Association for the Healthcare Environment meets for a powerful conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, and Boca Terry will be there. In our mission to make a difference, our commitment to providing this industry with comfortable, plush robes is proving to be right in step with the new direction that healthcare is taking.

Eliminating Stress with Comforting Amenities

The healthcare industry understands more today than ever before that comforting amenities play a strong role in a patient’s ability to heal. When a patient is faced with entering a hospital for care, it is incumbent upon the facility to eliminate the stress that is already implicit in a long-term, or even short-term stay.

Meeting Patient’s Needs

With so much competition, healthcare professionals are becoming attuned to a more healing environment as they discover that patients respond better to this type of atmosphere. With better meals, high-end toiletries, and plush robes, slippers, and towels, hospitals are raising their standards to meet patient need.

Growing With the Industry

Now that we are a strong part of this industry, supplying many healthcare facilities around the nation, our presence at the AHE Exchange is essential. With the focus on sustainability, waste management, technology, best practices, and more, we can take what we learn and educate our staff in order to grow with the industry.

See Us at Booth 623

We also realize that the networking opportunities here are enormous. Displaying some of our products at Booth 623, we can help hospital suppliers make the best choices when it comes to providing a non-clinical gown that instead provides the soft comfort of a luxury garment.

Making Life Less Stressful

With our many Boca Terry robe styles, buyers can choose from our cozy Terrycloth models, our MicroTec line, our Waffle Weave line, and so much more. Every style we create is designed to soothe, making life less stressful in order to assist the healing process.

Learning From Our Peers

Connecting with leading companies and learning from our peers is of utmost importance to the evolution of our company. At Boca Terry, we always want to stay on top of what is happening in the industry today, and the healthcare sector is becoming one of the most important arenas when it comes to, in this case, demand and supply.

Attention to Cost

Our desire to make a difference by boosting the quality of patient experience in hospitals is matched by our attention to costs. Because we have no middleman, we can afford to provide the highest quality goods at affordable prices.

Finding New Solutions

Due to current healthcare reforms, we need to understand how to prepare for what is to come, in reference to budget and resource cuts, as well as in new technology and thinking. During these three days of intensive immersion in a myriad of relevant topics, we hope to be a part of helping to find new solutions.

Expanding and Sharing Knowledge

Partnering with healthcare facilities around the world is the way to pay our respects to those who need to heal. Our production and design experts are always looking for better ways to attend to our clients, and we are looking forward to expanding and sharing our knowledge at this exciting conference in Indianapolis, so don’t forget to come visit us at booth 623 and discover the difference Boca Terry can make in patients’ lives.

Contact us if you want to meet at the event.

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