Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Published on Sep 30th 2014

Breast Cancer Awareness MonthBoca Terry would like to open this month’s Robe Report with an important reminder that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Unfortunately, breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer fatalities in women. But it does not affect women alone—surprisingly, men can contract breast cancer as well.

We wanted to send a reminder to all of the beautiful women reading our newsletter that annual mammograms are not an optional appointment—they are necessary. We highly suggest that women receive a mammogram each year, starting at age 25 and on. Women who catch this cancer sooner have a higher chance of beating it.

Breast cancer does not only affect the women who are diagnosed, but also their family and friends. Sadly, nearly all of us have faced the breast cancer battle in some form or fashion—whether ourselves, with a family member, or a friend.

How can you help? Women’s centers can offer soothing robes to make the mammogram experience more comfortable. Consider hosting a breast cancer awareness benefit banquet and include one pink kimono satin robe as a party favor! The ideas are endless, in hopes that someday, breast cancer won’t be.

Raise awareness about this terrible disease, and fight it; in honor of each woman, or man, who has either lost or won their battle with breast cancer.

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