Camping like a Superstar

Camping like a Superstar

Published on Aug 28th 2015

interior-791649_1280Camping is a hobby or family ritual that’s been passed down from one to generation to the next for countless years. As a fun and spiritually cleansing pastime, those who enjoy camping can get a little disconnected from the more “civilized” world that inhabits the advancements of technology.

Although, it’s not to say all campers don’t appreciate the luxuries the world outside of camping has to offer. And it’s by no means wrong to take a piece of that atmosphere with you the next time you’re on a journey through the woods. So how should you do that?

In the presence of so many distractions and our deep connection to the civil world, it’s only normal to pack an item that’ll offer more comfort on a woody excursion. From a tent to a cooler and a multi-burner stove, along with some other essential camping gear, you mustn’t forget your handy bathrobe.

Bathrobes are light and don’t really take up space when packing. Plus, you’re going to need something to maintain your modesty as you go to shower at the communal bathroom not to far from your campsite. After you’re done, you can just hang-dry your bathrobe in the sun.

Rather than using the arbitrary towel most campers use as a cover-up while on their restroom and lakeside trips, wearing a bathrobe provides more absorbance and convenience. Bathrobes also help you keep your privacy more than towels do.

While you’re sitting by the fireplace making smores, you can sit more comfortably with a bathrobe that’ll keep you warm and snug. The extra layer covering most of your body will offer some protection from pesky mosquito bites (in case your repellant isn’t 100 percent effective).

In addition, your old-fashioned seating might be a log, which can make you prone to getting unwelcomed painful splinters. With a fluffy bathrobe, that discomfort can be averted as well. So, you can leave the tweezers (or any other tool you use) at home.

Go for a hooded bathrobe to offer the most coziness and coverage—especially when you’re stargazing. You’ll look and feel like a more sophisticated camper, while still being a lover of the great outdoors.

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