‘Can I touch it?’ The fascination with natural, African-American hair

‘Can I touch it?’ The fascination with natural, African-American hair

Published on Jul 25th 2011

We have just been all over the mainstream lately huh! Lol. I know yall have had those moment where people wanted to touch your hair and some even did it without permission -___- ~flips over table~ “YOU OUT YO DAMN MIND?!”


(CNN) — Tamara Winfrey Harris tells a story of being in a chain restaurant with her husband when their names were called for a table.

Just as the couple rose to go, a middle-aged white woman standing nearby reached out swiftly to touch Winfrey Harris’s hair which at the time was styled in natural twists.

“She missed by mere seconds, she was actually going to grab my hair as I walked past her,” recalled Winfrey Harris who runs the blogWhat Tami Said. “I turned around and she said, ‘Oh, your hair is neat.’ It just floored me because who does that, just reaches out and touches strangers?”

It’s a common tale shared by women of color whose natural hair can attract stares, curiosity, comments and the occasional stranger who desires to reach out and touch.

The reaction to such fondling can range from amusement to outrage over the invasion of personal space.

Tamara Winfrey Harris says she had a total stranger reach for her hair in a restaurant.

The discussion surrounding it is often rooted in race relations.

Blogger Los Angelista explained her response to a woman’s incredulous “Are you serious, I can’t touch your hair?” by writing that no she couldn’t, “Because my black ancestors may have been your ancestors’ property, and had to smile while they got touched in ways they didn’t want to, but I am not YOUR property and never will be so you’d best move your hand away from me.

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So do you let people touch your hair as long as they ask?

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