Certified Organic Bathrobes for Your Eco Friendly Company

Certified Organic Bathrobes for Your Eco Friendly Company

Published on Jul 16th 2015

Certified Organic Bathrobes for Your Eco Friendly CompanyThe environment is something that we should all take responsibility for—and for companies, it is especially important. Companies are responsible for taking care of their carbon footprint—and with so many companies across the planet, you’d be right to think that this carbon footprint affects our planet most.

Why Go Green?

Going green is not only important for you and those around you, but it is also important for future generations. The less we care about the environment now, they less our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews will have the chance to experience nature as we have. For the companies who are already concerned with environmental friendliness, we commend you. Those who are still on the fence, we invite you to hop to the other side to begin eco friendly initiatives.

What Initiatives Can Your Company Take?

Companies have a number of options when it comes to going green. They can implement a recycling program so that all recyclables are used again rather than thrown away.

Many hotels are implementing a “towel reuse” program, which enables guests to use their towel again rather than having it replaced by a new one. The benefit to this is that it reduces the amount of water used by each hotel every day, and it also reduces the detergent used. Furthermore, it extends the towel’s life—less washes means it can be used longer. This means that less cotton is required, furthering our planet’s health.

Why Go Organic / What is Organic Cotton?

You have probably eaten organic food. You might even use organic skincare products and cosmetics. But, why is organic cotton important? What difference does it make to the planet and the wearer?

  • For the Planet. According to the Huffington Post, “Organic cotton is grown in a way that uses methods and materials that lessen the impact on our environment. A big effort in the organic movement is to use growing systems that replenish and maintain soil fertility and build biologically diverse agriculture. Organic cotton uses far less water too.” The environmental benefits are obvious when this information is taken into account.
  • For the Farmers. Green America writes, “organic farming is healthier and safer for farmers, fieldworkers, and nearby communities. Growing cotton organically also benefits small-scale farmers who don’t have the means to buy expensive pesticides. And organic cotton farming uses significantly less water and electric power than conventional cotton farming techniques.” It is important to consider whether or not your sourced materials are helpful or harmful to the workers dealing with the product each day. With organic farming, you will have that peace of mind.
  • For Your Family. Organic cotton is healthier for your families, too! Without the use of pesticides and other chemicals, you can rest assured knowing exactly what your family is coming into contact with day in and day out.

In fact, the Huffington Post goes on to reveal, “Conventionally grown cotton uses more insecticides than any other crop in the world. It is estimated that each year cotton producers use as much as 25 percent of the world’s insecticides and more than 10 percent of the world’s pesticides; an incredible amount for one just one crop.” Is that something you want to support? Opting for greener alternatives is an effective way to make your mark and help reduce these numbers. When the demand for organic cotton increases, the need for conventional cotton will decrease.

Organic cotton is also surprisingly beneficial for a variety of individuals. For example, those who suffer from skin sensitivities often have less discomfort when they use organically farmed cotton clothing.

Can you imagine suffering pain and itching just from wearing your own clothing? Because of the lack of pesticides and dyes, many of those with eczema, psoriasis, and allergies swear by using organic cotton. It’s less irritating to their skin, allowing them to feel more comfortable.

Eco Friendly Bathrobes

At Boca Terry, we are listening to our buyers and paying heed to the statistics. Most of what we hear is that the public, in general, is becoming more mindful of holistic, eco friendly processes—and we support of that.

By using natural fibers that have not been made with genetically modified seeds or grown with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or other toxins, we are supporting a time-honored way of growing cotton.

Using the fundamentals of crop rotation and other biological cycles that are healthy for both the environment and cotton workers, we believe that cotton grown without agrichemicals is the way of the future.

Boca Terry Bathrobe Choices

Boca Terry believes in the importance of sustainable and pure materials.  Here’s a look at our three popular organic bathrobe choices:

  • The Organic Lightweight Waffle. Our Organic Lightweight Waffle robe is made with 100% certified organic cotton squares. Spas love this model for its lightweight sensuality that provides a perfect cover-up in between treatments.
  • Organic Basic Kimono. The Organic Basic Kimono made of organic terry and velour is a classic when it comes to its streamline silhouette and beautiful drape. With double belt loops for waist height adjustability, this robe gives everyone a sleek look and a sense of enduring comfort.
  • Organic Classic Shawl Collar. Our Organic Classic Shawl Collar is made with multi-needle stitching around the pockets and cuffs. With its deep pockets, the look is classic, and the feel is exceptional.

Bringing Boca Terry to Your Company

It’s never too late to make an impact on the environment. Get started on your environmentally friendly initiatives with this small step. Keep stock of organic bathrobes throughout your hotel. Contact us today for wholesale prices or to place an order!



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