Clever Ways to Use Robes & Towels for Your Halloween Costume   

Clever Ways to Use Robes & Towels for Your Halloween Costume  

Published on Sep 30th 2014

Clever Ways to Use Robes & Towels for Your Halloween Costume   Halloween is just around the corner, and this year is the year to celebrate in style. Don’t settle for an over-priced, pre-packaged costume from the drug store down the street. Show off your creativity and make your own costume! There are several reasons why making your own Halloween costume rocks! For example:

  • You Save Money
  • No Cheap Costumes Means No Malfunctions
  • No Need to Choose From Skimpy Costumes
  • You Can Flex Your Creative Muscles
  • Bragging Rights
  • It Will be Exactly What You’re Looking For
  • It’s Fun!

Ladies, it can be tempting to buy a small, cute costume year after year, but let’s be honest with ourselves—it’s probably going to be 30 degrees out! Stay warm, cozy, and comfortable this year by using bathrobes in your costume! Here are some ideas:

1. Mummy

Mummies are known for being wrapped up—so a spa wrap is the perfect base to your mummified costume! Use it underneath a toilet paper wrap to ensure everything is appropriately covered, or use it along with towels for a great mummy!

2. Grandma/Grandpa

Speaking of mummies, this grandparent costume is a great idea! Of course, this is not to stereotype that all grandparents roam their home in robes, but it certainly makes for a funny and cute costume! Ladies, pull out the extra large bright pink rollers; gentlemen, go find your flannel pajama pants and grab your largest pair of glasses. Bonus points: use a dry-erase marker to draw on bifocals! Top it all of with a plush robe— the grandparent costume is one of the easiest and most comfortable choices! This is especially adorable for children!

3. Dinosaur

Grab a cute green robe, such as the Microfiber Bathrobe, and sew, pin, or even tape a few yellow “spikes” across the back! Want a more complete look? Try the hooded bathrobe! Give it a quick, natural, green dye treatment, and attach the spikes over the hood, as well!

4. The Big Lebowski

Everyone who has seen the 1998 big screen film, the Big Lebowski, has the “robe guy” ingrained in his or her memory. You may not remember him by name, but his distinct appearance will forever stick in your mind. Make an instantly recognizable costume using our brown microfiber robe, a plain white t-shirt, plaid pants, and a pair of brown sandals! Don’t forget a pillow under your shirt, sunglasses, and a messy brown wig if you need one!

5. Super Hero

Every kid dreams of being a superhero—and this Halloween, it is easier than ever before! Dress them up in leggings and a bright colored t-shirt. Have your kids design a logo on a sheet of paper and tape it to their chest; finally, tie a soft, plush towel loosely around their neck and they will be off to fight crime in no time! Have more astounding Halloween costume ideas? We’d love to hear about them!

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