Create a Stress-Free Home Office Working Environment

Create a Stress-Free Home Office Working Environment

Published on Feb 15th 2013

Create a Stress-Free Home Office Working EnvironmentToday many of us have the luxury of working from home, using the computer as our mobile workstation. This makes a wonderful opportunity to avoid an office culture, as well as not having to maneuver through traffic every morning to arrive.

Feeling Good in Every Setting

But working at home can be just as stressful as a commute and an eight-hour stay at a desk surrounded by co-workers if you don’t have your environment set up right. At Boca Terry, we are all about comfort, no matter what the situation, with a credo that states that we deserve to feel good in every setting.

Freeing the Mind and Body

The beauty of having an at-home office is that you don’t have to put on a suit and tie, or a power outfit with a set of high heels. Not having to worry about what to wear, or be constricted by clothing of any kind, creates a kind of liberation that frees the mind as the body feels more comfortable.

Feeling Relaxed and Creative

Our Boca Terry robes have found their way into many at-home offices, providing wearers with a sense of deep luxury that allows them greater productivity. Feeling at ease, one is far better able to be relaxed and creative.

Defining Your Work Space

One of the essential ways to create a stress-free working environment is to make sure that your work area is well defined. This means that you have designated a space in your home that is dedicated to helping achieve the focus you need to get things done.

Keep Your Environment Uncluttered

Make sure the space is always orderly so that your mind will not mirror any chaos reflected in exterior disorganization. Put up shelves or create an area for storing necessities so that they do not clutter your desk. Keep all surface areas neat and clean, with only what is absolutely essential at hand.

Adding Plants

Add plants to your office environment. Supplying the extra oxygen you need, they will also give you a sense of peace as they reflect the nature outside. If you live in a city apartment, bringing in all the green possible will have an amazing effect on your psyche as you accomplish the tasks of the day.

A Good Musical Soundtrack

If you can work well with music playing, create a playlist that is calming and that does not intrude. Sometimes having a background soundtrack helps us stay on track and tuned in, especially if it is along the lines of a soft jazz, chill out, or classical genre.

Starting Your Day

Making the transition from breakfast to your day at the office can sometimes be difficult, but Boca Terry comfort is all it takes to ease you into productivity. Sitting in front of your keyboard in our Satin Stripe shawl collared robe with a mug of herbal tea is a great way to begin. In a one-size-fits all shape, the robe drapes easily around the body, providing a feeling of cozy security that allows you to focus on the mental challenges of what lies ahead.

The Perfect Environment

Perhaps you find yourself on a warm summer afternoon, wearing one of our Microtec Kimono style robes as you continue to tackle the assignments of the day. You know you’ll need to take a swim or a stroll later on, so you’re sure to be concentrating on accomplishing what you can. Because you are relaxed in a perfect environment for encouraging productivity, you complete your assignment well before it is due.

A Periodic Change of Pace

One of the things you have the freedom to do when you work at home is to get up and stretch from time to time. It is so important to give yourself this freedom, as no matter how comfortable we may feel in front of our computers, the body and mind will beg for a change of pace.


Every half hour or so, try to wrench yourself away from work to walk around the house. If you can, take a few minutes to do some stretches, reaching up to the ceiling and then bending at the waist towards the floor. Bring your right arm over your head and stretch to the left, and then go the other way. Do some neck rolls and then some shoulder rolls. As ridiculous as it may seem, open your mouth as wide as you can and stick out your tongue. This is a wonderful way to wake up the facial muscles and activate the mind. In your Boca Terry robe it’s easy to do all of these things seamlessly and with no restrictions.

Drink Your Tea

Throughout the day, make yourself a cup of tea. If you need more stimulation, make it a green tea, which adds necessary antioxidants that help with brainpower. Drinking too much coffee can over stimulate the brain and elevate blood sugar, causing a crash later on. At Boca Terry, we encourage holistic practices to help maintain an even keel for greater clarity and endurance.

Let Your Ideas Pour Forth

Imagine yourself sitting in front of your desktop or laptop computer, nestled in a thick pile Boca Terry terrycloth robe, solving problems, creating new paradigms, or simply answering emails that have accumulating over the past hours. Perhaps it is snowing outside and the light is waning as it does in wintertime. You feel good, your body is relaxed, and your ideas are pouring forth effortlessly.

A Perfect Fit, A Sensational Feel

Our many years of experience dedicated to finding the most luxurious materials and the best manufacturing processes has allowed us to create an exceptional line of bathrobes for every taste. With styling designed for the ultimate in ease, every robe is lab tested and quality controlled to bring you a perfect fit and a sensational feel.

A Happy Billionaire

We know that most of you would prefer to be happy billionaires basking on a sunny beach somewhere instead of having to earn your keep, so we have made sure that each and every one of our robes will make you feel this way, wherever you happen to be.

Creating a Utopian Environment

You are in control of your life, so start to make your at-home office a utopian environment that you can get the most out of. With an organized space, lots of plants, great music, and a Boca Terry robe, we guarantee you will find much greater enjoyment when sitting down to become the billionaire you deserve to be.

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