Custom Bathrobes for Professional Sports Teams

Custom Bathrobes for Professional Sports Teams

Published on Dec 28th 2012

bathrobes sports teamsAs the buyer for your sports team, ordering custom bathrobes for your players speaks of how you value them. These guys work hard for you. They train hard and they play to win. Providing them with comfort and something they can be proud to wear is just another way to thank them for their dedication.

Setting Your Team Apart from the Crowd
Wearing a custom bathrobe that sports your team colors, logo, lettering, graphic, and even the player’s name or number, is a way to create an even greater sense of being in the same club. Having a bathrobe that stakes its claim speaks of the individuality of your team and its players, setting them apart from the crowd.

Comfort and Good Sense
When a sports pro finishes a tough workout, gets out of the shower, relaxes after a massage, or hangs out by the pool or hot tub, it’s far more comfortable to slip into a comfortable robe rather than tie a towel around the waist. A bathrobe creates more warmth and makes the transition from one activity to another more private, especially when your team members are part of the global spotlight.

Advertising Your Brand in Any Size
When team pros walk around in a custom bathrobe, it is another way to advertise your brand. At Boca Terry, we are known for our extraordinary attention to high quality design, as well as a perfect fit. Order our plus sizes for your extra large linebacker, and you’ll see the beauty of its drape, no matter how big the muscles it wraps around.

Custom Work and Attention to Detail
As the premier supplier of robes and towels worldwide, Boca Terry maintains a consistent reputation for our custom work and attention to detail with every single piece we release from our factories. We also pay special heed to durability, knowing that every robe and towel will be washed innumerable times. All of our materials look as good after the thousandth wash as they did after the first. Hardy and enduring, our robes hold up under pressure, just like your team.

The Classic Terry
Our inventory sports a number of robe models that work extremely well for professional teams. The most popular are our classic terry cloth bathrobes made of 100% pure cotton, or a perfect blend of cotton and polyester. Using the highest quality cotton for its long lasting appeal, these robes are great for wicking water away from the body and into the fabric. Using the most efficient loop length for absorption, our terry robes are easily hung up and dry very quickly, ready for use whenever you are.

Making Your Team Happy
Because we use the best techniques for weaving fabric, these thick, soft robes are classic and never go out of style. Order the hooded model, or the kimono or shawl collar style to flaunt your custom embroidery, and you will make each and every member of your team very content.

Other Models
With our ample inventory, we can also offer other interesting fabrics that are lightweight yet equally effective when it comes to holding moisture, quickly drying, and standing up to the tests of time. Check out our Micro chamois bathrobe, or those made of Microfiber, Microtec, or our Green solution in Microterry made from recycled plastic bottles! Show the world your commitment to reducing your environmental footprint with our green Recycle symbol on the inside tag and your team logo on the back.

Custom Embroidery
When it comes to embroidery, we employ the most artistic and well-trained handcraft experts in the business. Every stitch made is done with extraordinary care for artistry, subtlety, and longevity. Take a look at some of the samples we have online and you will see that our work is far ahead of the competition in its perfect reflection of the logos and designs that define each client.

Creating a First Class Product
Every Boca Terry robe is inspected to ensure the finest quality. When your robes are ready for customizing, we attend to them with the utmost care, ensuring that your specs are completed to the finest detail. Our mission is to always create a first class product that you and your team can be proud of. We know that each time someone drapes a robe over his or her body, it is an important advertisement and must reflect the impeccable attention you’ve put into building your brand.

Designing for the Stars
With many years in the textile industry, we have been creating custom bathrobes for hotels, resorts, spas, bed and breakfasts, and more. Over time we have been asked to create custom lines for some of the most trend-setting stars of today, including Snoop Dog, whose product development team called on us to create a custom bathrobe line. Listening carefully to the requirements, we designed an extraordinarily cool and beautiful black hooded robe with a rich gold embroidered logo across the back that does justice to the Snoop’s desire to project a strong image for men.

Making an Impact
Setting your bathrobe apart from the crowd can require ingenuity and imagination, or just a straightforward approach using the images you have at hand. Our design experts at Boca Terry can help fashion a bathrobe that stands above the rest when it comes to form and function. Consulting with your own product development team, we strive to come up with the best ideas for making an impact. We know that every move your team members make is up for scrutiny by their fans and the public in general. You can make a powerful statement with a simple robe that is designed in just the right way.

In It to Win
At Boca Terry, we take our role very seriously as pros bringing the best possible product to the fore. Like you, we’re in it to win, and our reputation is always on the line with every project we take on, which is why we work on every order as if it was for our own team.

Contact Us
For more information on custom bathrobes for your professional sports team, please contact our design experts by filling out our online form or by calling 877.421.6001.

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