Custom Lounge Chair Covers

Custom Lounge Chair Covers

Published on Jul 9th 2012

Custom Lounge Chair CoversBoca Terry’s luxurious custom lounge chair covers are made from soft velour or terry. Terry fabric is incredibly absorbent, making it an ideal choice to cover lounge chairs by the pool or on the beach. Terry easily soaks up any moisture left behind from swimming in the pool or splashing in the waves. Terry and velour materials feel comfortable against the skin. There is nothing worse than the feeling of bare skin sticking to an uncovered lounge chair. Custom lounge chair covers from Boca Terry prevent bare skin from experiencing discomfort, with an extraordinarily comfortable experience for those on a relaxing getaway. It is impossible to go back to an uncovered lounge chair after experiencing the comfort that velour or terry lounge chair covers provide.

Our custom lounge chair covers come in two colors, white and ecru. White and ecru are the perfect colors for covers that will be used on outdoor lounge chairs. Light colors stay cooler even in the hot sun and provide a cool and clean look on a hot summer day. The crisp white and light ecru colors are very fashionable and stylish and match perfectly with many of the fine, high quality velour and terry bathrobes that are sold by Boca Terry. These lounge chair covers come in 100% cotton terry and 100% cotton velour w/variegated stripes. Terry lounge chair covers come in both the fitted hood style and also the elastic hood style. The terry and the velour stripe styles also come with a fitted hood with cotton tape to finish off the edges.

Plush lounge chair covers with an elastic hood have a universal fit that makes them especially convenient and versatile. These covers feature an elasticized, pullover top that helps them conform to the shape of the chair. That means they are one size fits all, and can be used on virtually any lounge chair in your space. They add a layer of comfort to any lounge chair you use, even at a public pool or spa. The special hood top stays in place even when you sit, stand, move or turn over to tan evenly. That means the lounge chair stays neatly covered, while you stay dry and comfortable at all times. It’s a much better solution than trying to position a towel under your body and it’s more comfortable too. It’s also more attractive than using bunched up towels to prevent your body from sticking to the chair. Since the covers are so simple to position and remove, they can be washed whenever they become dirty. This ensures you always have a clean, comfortable lounge chair and cover.

There are a few convenient ways to use your custom lounge chair covers. You can purchase a cover for each one of your lounge chairs. That will give your outdoor furniture an attractive and cohesive appearance. Alternatively, you can personalize a cover for each member of the family. That way, each person has the benefit of a cool, convenient chair cover that he or she can take to the pool or the beach for portable comfort. Whatever your needs, Boca Terry’s dedication to excellence will help you make the most of your outdoor space with a custom lounge chair cover that’s perfect for you, your loved ones or your customers.

For further information or any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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