Difference Between A Cotton Bathrobe And A Terry Bathrobe

Difference Between A Cotton Bathrobe And A Terry Bathrobe

Published on Oct 26th 2012

As experts in providing high-quality bathrobes for the hospitality industry, Boca Terry has created a line for hotels and spas that provide a great deal of choice and versatility. From our  classical styles to our customized specialties, all of our robes are made with the highest quality materials available, with an eye to comfort, beauty, and perfection.

Whatever type of robes you need, it is important that they feel sensuous and warm when draped around the body. Cotton and terrycloth robes are choices that, when fabricated from good materials, will last through many wash cycles, providing a durability that will span years.

As the two mainstay materials for bathrobes, cotton and terry are fabrics that deserve serious attention. Knowing the difference between the two will help you make an educated determination on how to accurately buy for your clientele.

Cotton bathrobes are made from the natural fiber of the cotton plant. Known for great versatility, the quality of the robe is based on the length of the fiber used. The longer the fiber the stronger, more absorbent, and more durable the piece will be.

A cotton bathrobe tends not to be fluffy, but instead rather flat, and can be made into a waffle design to further increase its ability to wick away moisture. Because it is not a looped material, it is perfect for warm weather where a looped or terry robe might be too heavy. It is excellent for use in spas where a light yet absorbent robe is ideal for holding in moisturizing treatments, giving the wearer a sense of comfort and ease.

Pure cotton robes are hypoallergenic, which makes them ideal for those prone to allergies, skin irritation, or asthma. Soft and environmentally friendly, they are durable and provide a lovely feel. Because they can shrink, they are often combined with polyester, which keeps them in perfect form while also preventing them from wrinkling.

Terrycloth is made of cotton or a cotton/polyester blend, for the same reason as the above. Here the fibers are woven into loops on a loom, which renders the fabric soft and plush. The lengths of the loops determine how much moisture can be absorbed, which is indeed much more than with a flat cotton, non-looped fabric.

A good terry robe has thick, uncut loops to give it a heavier and warmer appeal. This makes it a perfect choice for cold climates or for situations where feeling warm and dry quickly is an advantage, such as by an outdoor pool or after a shower.

At Boca Terry, we recommend both types of robes for their versatility in varying situations. Whether you are buying for seasonal changes or for the convenience of having appropriate robes for the bath, pool, and spa area, choosing a flat cotton as well as our terry styles provides your guests with wraps that are right for every occasion.

For more information on our wonderful selection of robes, please contact us by calling 844-334‑5683 or through our online form.

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