Differences Between Terry and Velour Bathrobes

Differences Between Terry and Velour Bathrobes

Published on Aug 28th 2012

Many people do not pay much attention to their bathrobes. They slip them on after baths or showers and remove them once they are warm and dry. Since a bathrobe is worn in the privacy of one’s own home, it is not considered something that needs to be attractive or even luxurious. It is simply a towel with arms that stays secure while one goes about doing other things.

Oddly, the bathrobes that are supplied by hotels are considered decadent. People associate the robes in their hotel bathrooms with the vacation experience. Grown adults even make jokes about stealing the robes and taking them home, even though it is known that hotels simply charge guests’ credit cards when robes go missing.

It is possible to purchase hotel-quality robes at wholesale prices rather than paying pumped-up fees for taking them from hotels. In addition to saving money, buying a new robe guarantees that the customer will receive a robe that no one else has ever worn. This way, one can experience some of the luxury of staying in a hotel after every shower. Boca Terry is a trusted retailer of hotel bathrobes that also sells to individual customers. Before choosing a robe to purchase, it is important to learn the differences between terry and velour bathrobes.

Terry cloth is made out of thousands of tiny loops. Each loop absorbs several times its weight in water. This is why most towels for both bathing and swimming are made out of terry. The best, most absorbent terry towels and robes are 100% cotton. Some brands incorporate polyester into their fabric blends, and this detrimentally affects their towels’ ability to absorb water. One might suspect that making the loops thicker or denser would help them absorb more water, but absorbency is actually increased by making the loops longer. This means that robes made out of terry that look a bit shaggy will be the best at keeping people warm and dry.

Velour is a knit fabric that stretches like cotton and has the appearance and texture of velvet. It stretches to fit the body perfectly and keeps heat close to the skin. Velour is usually made out of cotton or polyester. It makes commonplace items look classier and more expensive, which is why it is used to make fancy bathrobes. One of the primary differences between terry and velour bathrobes is that velour robes do not absorb water as readily as terry ones do.

The robes from Boca Terry are available in several styles and fabric weights, effectively allowing customers to customize their own robes. There are some pricing differences between terry and velour bathrobes, so people who are interested in purchasing hotel-quality robes should call Boca Terry at 954.312.4410 and speak to a representative. General queries can be answered toll-free via 877.421.6001 x210. Boca Terry even responds to faxes sent to 866.530.9743. Before committing to a purchase, Boca Terry invites its potential customers to look through its online catalog at wholesale.bocaterry.

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