Do African American Stylists Take Their Clients For Granted?

Do African American Stylists Take Their Clients For Granted?

Published on Jun 18th 2011

We have all been to a stylist that leaves us sitting and waiting for awhile. We have all had the stylist that talks on the phone while she’s doing your hair and then some of her regulars walk in and they start talking about a bunch of crap that you don’t care about to begin with. Oh and then she cuts your hair even tho you told that hen you wanted a trim. Some of this can be stomached and some of this can’t but here is the real question.

Do you believe these stylists think their clients will never leave and in return do whatever they want with no consequence?

While it does give you somewhat of a comfortable atmosphere, let’s be honest, its not really that professional. As i was lurking on a thread on i noticed alot of women saying that they will no longer put up with long wait times and they have now turned to going to white stylists. Their service is better, they offer refreshments and their wait time is 5 mins tops!

One woman said she waited over 3 to 4 hours for her appointment to start, another said she got there, waited, the stylist went to lunch, and then came back and did her hair.

Personally i think that is completely ridiculous but even though we know all this goes on, yet and still we return. Why?

Is it that we feel that everyone else is incapable of doing AA hair?

I have had the same hairstylists all my life and that’s my aunt. I don’t let anybody else cut my hair because i don’t trust anybody else. I have gone to another stylist before but that was to get a sew-in and that was it. My wait time used to be 30 minutes but i always felt that i had other options just in case she didn’t work out. If i don’t like your service, im not going back. End of story..

That is not the case with everyone. ALOT of people will sit there and wait hours and then get in the chair with someone who will cut their hair off their head, won’t listen to nothing they say, and will not be open to suggestions. They will be totally displeased with the service and still come back and THAT i do not understand.

Am  i saying that AA women are the only ones that do foul ish like this? No , i’m not but what i AM saying is that it’s most common with them. Stylists have their pros and cons but this damn sure aint one of them.

Do you believe AA hairstylists often take their clients for granted b/c they keep returning to them?

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