Dog Bathrobe, Cat Bathrobe, Pet Bathrobes – Follow the Golden Rule

Dog Bathrobe, Cat Bathrobe, Pet Bathrobes – Follow the Golden Rule

Published on Jul 3rd 2013

Who said that we humans are the only species that can enjoy a well made bathrobe? That robes are the provenance of Homo Erectus is a vastly misplaced notion, and all you have to do is check in with any one of your pets to prove it.

When Fido emerges from his bath, most likely he is expecting to be pampered just the way you are when you come out bristling with moisture and needing a soft, dry coverup. Boca Terry knows this and has thankfully anticipated Fido’s desire, but of course, it’s up to you to make sure he gets it, as we’re quite sure he’s not been given his own allowance for online shopping quite yet.

There’s nothing like a soft, terrycloth bathrobe to wick away those droplets from precious fur. The sensation of dryness between every follicle, the magic feel of terry loops caressing the skin underneath, and the overall bliss of a dry pelt is the perfect way to get your pet in the mood for the even greater undying love he is capable of.

At Boca Terry, we understand the importance of a wagging tail and a ready bark. If your canine is slow on the uptake, a fluffy little wrap is just the thing to get him or her back into the swing of abject loyalty and a tendency towards an overabundance of enthusiasm.

Now, imagine a cold wintry day. Obviously Fido must heed the call of nature, regardless of blizzards, ice, or frosty wind. Out he goes, only to return without the welcome of a deeply warm robe. Now, would that be enough for you? Wouldn’t you be seeking a soft pile robe to wrap yourself in until the chill wore off?

Picture your feline bereft of something to throw over those four shoulders when she wants to look sexy while relaxing. Maybe it’s a beauty rest or a simple feigning of indifference, such as she is prone to do when you’re taking her too much for granted. Why not provide her with the luxury she deserves with a lovely little something that wraps her purrs up in just the right fabric and pile?

Let’s face it. Humans can be selfish, often thinking that our pets don’t need much more than a biscuit, a rug, and a few indulgent pats on the head. But put yourself in their place. Would you be satisfied with just a few perfunctory gestures when you still don’t have that Rolex or Gucci bracelet?

Have a little heart. You may speak different languages, but gestures are universal. Think of the Golden Rule and do unto your pets as you would have a rich and doting partner do unto you. A good robe goes a long way when it comes to providing pleasure and getting some good love in return, so contact Boca Terry today to see how we can help.

Dog Bathrobe

Oscar Madison or Felix Ungar?  You decide…

Dog Bathrobes

Come on baby, just follow the duck…

cat in a bathrobe

Getting ready for my close up, dahling… don’t bother me…

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