Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover—But You Can Judge a Hotel By Its Bathrobes

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover—But You Can Judge a Hotel By Its Bathrobes

Published on May 27th 2015

Hotels are judged on a lot of things: service, location, price, cleanliness, and more. Did you know that many judge hotels based on their amenities as well? In fact, with the rise of online reviews and rating systems, more hotels and resorts are taking note of how important their amenities are—and they are starting to step up their game.

Let’s take a closer look at how guests me be beginning to view your establishment based on the bathrobes and other amenities you provide.

See, guests don’t just take your establishment at face value. They tend to look beneath the surface to learn and know the value they are getting out of your hotel—and this is completely normal! Guests always want more for their money.

That is why reputation is such an important component for hotels. Not to mention that online ratings and the open forum of internet communication means that you should always be supplying the best for your guests, at all times!

A writer for the National Post described his expectations for the perfect bathrobe. “A good robe is not an expensive robe, or an elaborate robe. It is simply a good robe. If it has weight, it has enough to comfort but not oppress. If it is light, it is weighted on the edges so that it falls properly and doesn’t slip open inopportunely when you’re entertaining guests or answering the door for room service.

It is soft not scratchy, supple not rigid, long enough to sit down as modestly as you’d like to, and it should look like it was made with the hotel in mind, whether it was or not.” This might be just one opinion, but you can be sure that there are others who feel this way, as well. This reveals why it’s so important to have great amenities, especially bathrobes, in a hotel room.

Does yours meet the standard? Does your manufacturer offer enough options so that you can, if nothing else, find a bathrobe that meets customers’ expectations? Exceed them? Keep in mind that this is simply one opinion in a sea of millions—but he has spoken clearly asking for what he wants. Have your guests spoken?

It’s time to listen.

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