Essential Cryotherapy Spa Attire & Accessories

Essential Cryotherapy Spa Attire & Accessories

Published on Oct 13th 2017

Just like any spa, your cryo facility must be fully equipped with the essential cryotherapy spa attire and accessories to deliver a luxurious, rewarding experience.

You’ve got your location, your cryo chamber, and a catchy name (like “Cryo and Chill”). But have you stocked your facility with the essential cryotherapy spa attire and accessories? Remember: You’re not in the business of cold air. You’re selling the spa experience.


Cryotherapy is all about the robe. Your clients are stepping into a chamber that is -200 to -250 degrees. Those who aren’t accustomed to those temperatures will be freezing!

Therefore, stock your lockers or changing rooms with plush, spa-quality Microterry bathrobes. When they step out of the cryo chamber, they’ll appreciate a warm, polyester robe.

If you’d like to offer your clients a second option, consider the cotton Hooded Bathrobe. Available in terry or velour, it comes with an extra-large hood for added warmth.


For those clients who forget to pack their socks, wholesale Microterry slippers are your best solution. Comfortable, closed-toe footwear is perfect for the walk to and from the cryo chamber. Slippers also invite your clients to stick around, do some cardio exercise, and purchase some optional spa treatments.


A soothing Microfiber headband with a Velcro closure is not only a welcome accessory. It also provides necessary ear protection. Boca Terry spa headbands are one-size-fits-all, so you never have to worry about too-tight or loose-fitting bands.

Spa Wraps

Body wraps are perfect addition to your cryo linen collection. Wholesale spa wraps provide both comfort and security. Some clients may prefer a snug, Microfiber spa wrap over a bathrobe. Also, because the wraps come with three secure snaps, clients never have to be concerned about privacy.

Every day, clients step into that freezing cold chamber to rejuvenate their bodies. So, guarantee that they’ll have a rejuvenating experience and stock up on these essential cryotherapy spa attire and accessories.

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