Father’s Day Bathrobe Gift Ideas for June 2015

Father’s Day Bathrobe Gift Ideas for June 2015

Published on Jun 4th 2015


Fathers were once known traditionally as the hunters, the providers, and the hardworking supporters of a family—and, in many cases, this is still true today. Fatherhood is a unique time in a man’s life in which he must sacrifice his desires to raise young. Celebrated yearly in our culture, Father’s Day sets out to appreciate and validate fathers for their strengths.


Give Dad the Gift He Wants (and Not What He Doesn’t!)

Unfortunately, dads often suffer through father’s day with gifts of tacky ties, silly socks, and traditional T-shirts. Show your father your genuine appreciation with a unique, useful gift. It is time to be more original when choosing a gift to show your appreciation for the strong-willed, resourceful leader of the pack.

Appreciate Fathers

Men are stereotypically big, tall, strong, rough, and tough. Sure, chopping wood, building a backyard shed and playing sports are all considered manly activities, but dad might have a more sensitive side! Let’s find the summer bathrobes that are tough enough, yet perfectly plush enough to soothe fathers. Help them unwind after a long day of work with the best Father’s Day gift options.

1. Basic Kimono

Some dads just want the basics. The Basic Kimono is the best gift for a simple dad. Show him that you care and let his personality shine through this classic, comfortable robe. This robe is 48 inches in length, allowing for more breathability during humid summer days. There is also an Organic Basic Kimono available, for all dads that strive for an eco-friendly lifestyle!

2. Kimono Waffles Bathrobe

This robe features everything that the above robe does, and more! The Kimono Waffles Bathrobe is an excellent, lightweight option for dads battling the sweltering summer sweats. Dad will feel cool, comfortable, and handsome in this simple summer robe. Pick one of four patterns to suit your father’s style.

3. Shawl Waffles Bathrobe

If your dad tends to like a bit more detail, he will love the Shawl Waffles Bathrobe. This lightweight material is an excellent choice for the hot summer months; it is absorbent, high quality, and comfortable. The Shawl Waffles bathrobe features great details, such as optional white, navy, or royal blue piping, a soothing waffle texture, and a cozy roll up collar and cuffs. Because it is available up to XXL, this robe is an amazing choice that your father will fully appreciate.

4. Microfiber Robe

The Microfiber Robe is classic and masculine. It has a luxurious, high-quality look to it, and you can pick out dad’s favorite color. Available in chocolate, grey, iceberg, navy blue, black, and more outstanding, bold colors, there is sure to be a great pick for dad! Microfiber is an incredibly lightweight material, making it great for keeping dad just the right temperature all summer! The polyester and satin shell is just soft and silky enough without being feminine. Lined with 80% absorbent cotton and 20% poly soft French terry lining, there is no doubt dad will love this choice! Available up to size 4XL, this robe will fit dads of every size.

5. Mini Stripe Bathrobe

The Mini Stripe Bathrobe is just the right robe for dad, this summer. Is dad forgetful? This robe is perfect for lounging outside after a trip to the lake—no towel needed! Made from incredibly soft 100% combed cotton, this robe is very absorbent. Your dad will love this robe. At 52 inches long, it is longer than many of our basic robes; tall dads, rejoice in knowing this fact.

Tough Enough for Fathers—High Quality Materials

The difference is in the quality and details. Boca Terry takes full ownership of the design and manufacturing of each of its wholesale bathrobe and spa accessory products. We source only the finest materials from around the world, ensuring that each and every product meets our standards.

Know What He Likes? Customize His Gift

Show your dad he is special by customizing a robe for him. Want a robe that features his favorite sports team colors? Perhaps, you’d rather gift him with a robe that features his name embroidered across the back, reminiscent of robes seen in the boxing ring. Our creative consulting team works closely with organizations of all sizes, from promotional product companies and luxury resorts to celebrity personalities, to achieve a unique and custom design. Whether you decide on a custom print, or embroidery, show dad he is your superhero by designing a custom robe worthy of celebrities and royalty. 

An Affordable Keepsake

Dad will think you spent a fortune on his gift. The truth, however, is that our direct access to the factories ensures that there are no middlemen involved when it comes to cost. Boca Terry sources product from all over the world to come up with the quality standards and competitive pricing that is essential in today’s volatile economic climate.

Boca Terry: Showing Fathers You Care

Boca Terry only designs and develops high quality robes. Don’t gift dad another low quality gift this year. Show him that you care with a unique, useful, high-quality robe that he will use for years to come!


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