Find The Best Prices For Wholesale Towels Online

Find The Best Prices For Wholesale Towels Online

Published on Oct 29th 2012

Often Overlooked, but Vitally Important

Towels are one of the simple yet, often overlooked staples of life. Just take a moment to think about how many times during the day you use a towel, after a shower, while doing dishes, to clean up. These are just a few of the myriad of daily actions in which a towel is used. Now go a step further and imagine your hotel or spa and how many times a towel would be needed in an environment where a guest often comes in contact with water or moisture. At a spa or hotel the guests and clients will use a towel more than any other single item. Therefore it is absolutely imperative that the towels that they pick up, no matter if it is in a private room, near the sauna, near the pool or during a specialized service, be an absolutely pristine representation of the level of luxury that your business upholds.

A Million Uses

When it comes to spas and hotels, one of the most important items is the simple, classic towel. It is used for drying off when exiting the bath, shower, sauna, pool or Jacuzzi. Towels can be used as cover-ups in a relaxed setting or during one of the many relaxing activities offered at your spa; for example, they can be used during massages both as a cover-up and as a covering for the tables. Towels are also often used as head dresses to wrap up wet hair. Yet another creative option that a towel is used for is to make towel animals for guests’ entertainment and enjoyment. No matter the use, a towel is a staple of the hotel and spa industry.

The Ultimate Statement of Freshness

Nothing says cleanliness like a pristine, classic white towel. And few things create a sensation of freshness like a crisp, clean towel. That is exactly what you will find when you look at our two classic yet different collections, the Resort Collection and the Sunny Lane Collection. Both collections come in our lovely absorbent terry cloth and either would make a perfect choice for your hotel or spa.

A Towel to Meet Every Need

In fact, we offer a full variety of towel options to meet all of your needs, from hand towels, to bath towels, to beach towels. If you need a towel we have a towel for you. If you need many towels, we offer wholesale prices that are hard to beat. We also offer the option to have your towels customized so that each and every time a guest or client comes in contact with a towel during a stay at your business, which will happen quite often, they will be reminded of the luxurious quality of your establishment.

We want to help you decide on the perfect option for luxury towels for your spa or hotel.
Please contact us Toll-free at 1-877-421-6001 or locally at 954-312-4400 or fill out our contact us form. Our customer service representatives are waiting to help you find the best option and the best prices to fulfill your business’s needs.

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