How to Improve Guest Experience in Hotels and Hospitals

How to Improve Guest Experience in Hotels and Hospitals

Published on Dec 19th 2014

Goals Hospitals & Hospitality Have in CommonHotels and hospitals both have a main goal in mind: guest satisfaction — just as any establishment or business has in mind. Guest satisfaction is addressed and promoted in these industries in a number of ways. Let’s take a deeper look at some important common goals that most hotels and hospitals should have in mind, along with ways to improve visitor experience:

1. Guest Comfort

Both industries have a large emphasis on guest comfort, as it is crucial for both to survive and serve with this factor in mind.

Hotels want to ensure that customers are happy during their stay; this helps them enjoy their trip, and also locks in the possibility of winning over returning customers in the future — guests won’t return to a hotel they didn’t like!

Hospitals want to ensure that guests are comfortable as well. As they heal from various ailments, the comfort factor is crucial. Uncomfortable patients can easily turn into unhappy, anxious, or upset patients, and no one wants to see that happen to someone who is already down. To help with guest comfort among both industries, try offering these items:

  • Bathrobes­– Great for hotels, as guests are typically excited to see that their room is equipped with a soothing selection of robes. As for hospitals, bathrobes are an excellent alternative to thin, finicky hospital gowns. Try these bathrobes for your guests:
  • Hotels in warm climates might appreciate the Kimono Waffles bathrobe, made from lightweight, breathable fabric.
  • Hotel in colder climates might appreciate the Hooded Bathrobe, made from absorbent cotton terry, with an extra large warm hood.
  • Hospitals can benefits from the Basic Kimono. It is simple, easy, and won’t get in the way of doctors and nurses trying to do their job.

When your guests are through, easily sanitize your bathrobes with non-chlorine bleach, or offer them to your guests as a thank you gift.

  • Slippers– The perfect amenity for hotels and hospitals, slippers are a must-have for various reasons. For example, no matter how clean your establishment is, some guests will simply never be comfortable walking around barefoot.

To keep your visitors from walking around in slippery socks, instead offer a collection of non-skid sole slippers. They will feel warm, comfortable, and sanitary! Choose an affordable pair, such as Boca Terry’s luxury slippers. Then, you won’t need to worry about cleaning them—you can just offer them to your guests as a courtesy.

2. A Strong Focus on Health

As you already know, health is a huge concern for hospitals. The reason that they focus on health, and the methods they use to do so are obvious. However, many might not realize the growing importance of health, wellness, and fitness in the hospitality sector. In recent years, the hospitality sector has focused on their concern over health and wellness.
Let’s take a look at the various ways that hospitals and hotels are staying on top of this concern:

  • Implementing the use of doctors, nurses, and aides, hospitals have the highest commitment to health, healing, and fitness. This can be amplified by
  • Hotels, on the other hand, have recently delved into the cause. Through upgraded fitness centers and healthier meal options, hotels and resorts are doing their part to help promote a healthier lifestyle.

3. Guest Service

Related to guest comfort, guest and customer service is pertinent to the success of hospitality establishments and healthcare centers. Guests do not want to return to a hotel or hospital that did not take proper care of them—whether making them feel at home, or just offering an extra smile here and there, customer service can make all of the difference.

Hotels offer customer service from the moment guests walk in the door, along with room service if customers wish. Here are some ways that this industry can improve:

  • To boost guest service, hotels should not be afraid to offer a more personalized experience. For example, what if returning visitors received a personalized, embroidered bathrobe after their 10th night staying at an establishment? This sweet surprise is a unique way to elevate customer service and experience.

Hospitals offer room assistance & nurse care, which highly affects a patient’s perception of customer service. When patients call for help, speedy, prompt, friendly service helps patients feel more comfortable with their surroundings.

  • To boost patient service in hospitals, consider offering frequent sheet and blanket changes, without patients having to ask. This will show that your workers have their best interest in mind at all times. Plus, fresh linen and friendly service can help them feel better during the recuperation period. In order to do this, you will need to stock up on a lightweight, soft blanket option, such as our Waffle Blanket.

Boca Terry: Bettering Guest Experience

We are committed to helping you better the patient or customer experience, one bathrobe, towel, and slipper at a time. If you are interested in ordering Boca Terry, contact us for wholesale pricing or to place an order now!

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